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October, 2017
Times Square as seen through the Cataract setting with The Fred Hollows Foundation's interactive Sight Simulator. Read More below and take action on World Sight Day, October 12th.

From the Desk of the Executive Director

Thanks to everyone who provided the newsletter feedback we requested. Stacey, our designer, and Amy, our newsletter editor, are working on changes that will be reflected in next month's issue.

Those of you familiar with Peter Singer's "Girl in the Pond" thought experiment that has inspired many, including me, will be interested to know of a real life example at a recent wedding, where a groom jumped into a pond to save a drowning child; the cost of a ruined tuxedo and shoes were clearly never a concern.

As we approach Giving Season, I hope everyone will view the Girl in the Pond video on our website and be inspired to dig even deeper to give generously...and, of course, effectively!

Good living and good giving!

Charity Voices: News from Our Recommended Organizations

Support Seva and The Fred Hollows Foundation
on World Sight Day, October 12th

The Fred Hollows Foundation's interactive Sight Simulator lets you literally see what your world would look like if you had preventable vision impairment, like hundreds of millions of people around the world.
After years of crippling blindness from cataract, Edina Mboje's life was transformed thanks to Seva’s partnership with the Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology in Tanzania, where this care would be otherwise nearly impossible to access.
The premise of Village Enterprise's proven "graduation approach" is that entrepreneurship is not just for the naturally entrepreneurial. 

Highlights from Our Blog

by Nick Yeretsian
McGill University's Effective Altruism group runs lively Giving Game Debates with fraternities and sororities--and lives to tell the tale (and share their insights). 

Team Picks

The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) is running their annual Ad Venture Student Competition. It's a pan-European contest that challenges communications students to develop an advertising campaign for a real client. This year, the competition will be run in cooperation with Amnesty International. The final goal is to help Amnesty International inspire a movement of people to welcome refugees in their communities by driving them to visit and join the iWelcome Community website. To find out more about this initiative, please visit:

--Stacey Black, Director of Marketing
Thank You to Our Engaged Readers
My team pick is our subscribers who took the trouble to give us detailed feedback about our newsletter. Bravo!!

--Charlie Bresler, Executive Director
Kudos for Sapiens
I loved reading Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari. It is a book that challenged my belief system on every page, and made me reflect on various important things, like how we should measure if our society is successful.

--Renata Bergman, Social Media Contributor
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