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NEWSLETTER - September 2018

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

With “Giving Season” just around the corner, it is an ideal time to think about the ways in which we help people other than our families and close circle of friends. There are multiple ways to measure our performance. One we have favored at The Life You Can Save is the concept of personal best in which we look back at our giving behavior from the previous year and set goals to give more effectively and give more in the upcoming year. When looking at effectiveness, try using our impact calculator.

Another strategy compares our personal giving  to other people’s in terms of effectiveness and amount. Here is an interesting relevant factoid: 75% of people believe they give more than the national average, while in reality, 72% of people give less than the average.

An entirely different strategy is to use Peter Singer’s income-based recommended donation calculator to help determine an amount to donate annually and to consider publically pledging to give a percent of your income to effective nonprofits.

In addition to thinking about your own giving, this is a great time to discuss effective giving with your friends, family and coworkers, including on social media.

Along the lines of pledging as well as talking about your giving with your circles, subscriber Andrei Smith discussed in a recent blog how he came to learn about The Life You Can Save, and how donating a portion of his Audi dealership sales to our recommended charities has infused his job with meaning while spreading the culture of effective giving to his customers and coworkers.

Like Andrei, I have been lucky enough to find a way to infuse more meaning into my life by working with the Team at The Life You Can Save — I hope that y’all can find ways to do that for yourself and inspire others to do the same!

Good Living and Good Giving,

Charlie Bresler

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