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I am pleased to share with you our charity evaluation framework. As you may recall, in November we let you know that The Life You Can Save was building a nimble in-house research team. Since that time our small research team has developed this guiding document to move us forward in:

  • Focusing on interventions that are scalable, problems that are solvable and charities that have room for additional funding within the space of global poverty.
  • Considering a wide range of solutions and strategies to address these problems.
  • Drawing on excellent evidence to find cost-effective, high impact, interventions and organizations.

We want to encourage the greatest number of people to donate to cost-effective, high impact organizations. This document helps us define our current approach to accomplishing this mission. Why does this matter to you? We hope that this framework will help you better understand our evaluation methodology and give you confidence that your donations will actually accomplish your philanthropic goals. Here we lay out our methods for selecting causes, finding solutions, measuring impact, using evidence, estimating cost-effectiveness and more.

We expect the framework to evolve over time, based on the evolution of our thinking as to the best way to maximize the effectiveness of The Life You Can Save’s role in the philanthropic ecosystem. Changes will also result from feedback from both evaluation experts, charities, and donors. Its initial development included many discussions with a wide variety of stakeholders and experts in evaluation.

As indicated above, our in-house evaluation team is small, but we are fortunate that we can also rely on the excellent work of other evaluators like GiveWell and the Founders Pledge. Our desire is to build off their work, while expanding the accessibility to additional important causes and high impact cost-effective charities. Our next step is to use this guide to evaluate more great giving opportunities that you can support with confidence.

View our Charity Evaluation Framework

Do Good. Feel Good. Donate Effectively.

Rickard Vikström

Executive Director of The Life You Can Save

Our 2021 Annual Report

In 2021 we were pleased to help you, our supporters, donate US$22.7 million to effective charities that work tirelessly to save and improve more lives. Read more about this and other achievements in our 2021 Annual Report.

View our 2021 Annual Report
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