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November, 2016

Charlie's Short Takes

  • I think we need ideas from many sources to best grow awareness about reducing extreme poverty.  That is why  I am very excited about the group of academics that I just spent a full day and evening with at Harvard. I admire their work and their commitment to making a difference.

Charity Voices

  • Double the impact of your donation supporting IPA's tops-in-the-field poverty-alleviation research thanks to a generous $150,000 matching gift. Then read Failing in the Field, IPA President & Founder Dean Karlan and former IPA research associate Jacob Appel's exploration into common causes of failure in field research, with insights to help researchers and decision-makers avoid similar pitfalls in future work.
  • November 19th is a great opportunity to provide one of life's most basic necessities that we take for granted every day. A toilet is a gift with a surprising range of benefits, from stopping disease to providing dignity, from school attendance to producing crop-boosting compost. Read about some amazing (and cost-effective!) versions and uses of this humble, invaluable structure.
  • This year at Possible, we made bold commitments to ensure more patients in remote Nepal could receive high-quality, low-cost healthcare, from the hospital to their home. See the results in our 2016 Annual Report.
  • In October, PSI delivered 7,812 Zika prevention kits to expecting mothers in Honduras and will soon deliver kits in Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. With just a click, you can honor a mother you admire and help protect a pregnant woman from the Zika virus.

Highlights from Our Blog

  • by Linchuan Zhang
    To be effective advocates for global health and poverty, it’s necessary to be smart, strategic and equipped with accurate information. To that end, I picked six books that are great reads for this fall (or anytime, really). 
  • by Laura Schwecherl
    It's no secret that focusing on gender equality and women's empowerment is key to addressing poverty. For International Day of the Girl, we rounded up some of the most poignant pieces on the web celebrating girls around the world--their strength, along with the stark barriers they face--reminding us to fight these inequalities every single day. 

Team Picks

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