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January, 2017
  • Poker Star Liv Boeree: How to Make Your Donation Count

Charlie's Short Takes

  • Not all the numbers are in yet, but it appears that we had a very successful year again in 2016 and will report significant growth in both traffic to our website and money moved to our recommended non-profits. Thanks to everyone for their support. And a special thanks to Peter, Jon, Llamil, and Amy, my core colleagues at The Life You Can Save, for their effective and hard work on behalf of the global poor. We also have a talented and dedicated group of volunteers without whom we could not be as impactful.

    I want to welcome our newest recommended non-profit, Village Enterprise. We are excited to have them onboard and I hope you will explore their information. I also want to give a special mention to Living Goods, who recently completed a highly successful randomized control trial (described here) run by Innovations for Poverty Action (who are also on our "recommended" list) . The CEO of Living Goods described the results as "transformational.

    Finally, I urge everyone to explore the video section on our website. There are some compelling pieces, including the latest one, featuring European poker champion Liv Boeree, made by the talented Laura Gamse, who has been instrumental in developing many of our videos.

Charity Voices—In Their Own Words

  • “IPA recently completed a large-scale randomized study for Living Goods showing the model is reducing child deaths by a staggering 27 percent. The result has been nothing short of transformational. The power and quality of research has persuaded policymakers, replication partners, and major funders to back a rapid scale up of the approach. As a result, Living Goods’ reach has tripled to 5 million people served. Proof positive that IPA’s research can lead to disruptive change for those most in need.” --Chuck Slaughter, Founder

    Read more
  • Village Enterprise is thrilled to be the newest cost-effective and high impact charity selected by The Life You Can Save. Our mission is to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation.

    To accomplish this, Village Enterprise provides a “graduation program” that includes business and financial skills training, mentoring, small grants, and savings networks to first-time entrepreneurs living on less than $1.90 a day.

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  • As SCI's founder Dr. Alan Fenwick retires, he leaves behind a legacy of accomplishments, including a recent A+ DFID rating, and reduced prevalence of schistosomiasis in follow-up surveys of school-aged children.

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Highlights from Our Blog

  • by Peter Singer
    We’re excited to announce our 2017 list of Best Charities working against global poverty. These 18 non-profit organizations perform innovative and cost-effective work to bring medical services, vital nutrients, and economic opportunities to many of the 702 million people living in extreme poverty today. They use evidence-backed interventions to give new hope to the world’s neediest men, women, and children. Read more
  • by Nick Hopkinson

    Every November, people from around the UK and Europe congregate in the small seaside city of Brighton, on the south coast of England, for the Meaning conference to “discover new ways of working, living and organizing that put humanity and planet above profit and growth.” With such a progressive and open audience, I was delighted to be invited to run a workshop session on The Power of Giving for The Life You Can Save.  Read more

  • by Jessica Hyde
    For better or for worse, our planet has no government. Each country is free to decide how much effort to put into eliminating poverty and eliminating gender inequality. Causes of poverty can differ from country to country, but empowering women and girls is one cause that transcends borders, impacting all nations. In rich and poor countries alike, a key to poverty alleviation is in convincing people that they will benefit from empowering women. Read more
  • by Brad Hurley
    As the end of the year approaches, many of us look back to the goals and plans we established in January and shake our heads ruefully. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read more

Team Picks

  • The intriguingly titled NPR Goats and Soda always runs interesting stories on health and development. I love this one-- A New Health Care Project Won Awards. But Did It Really Work?-- which uses data to report on what seems like a brilliant idea - reminding us yet again about the power of head + heart in evaluating charities. 

    --Neela Saldanha, Social Media Manager
  • Feeling gloomy: I hope data from 2016 will not look as bad as it feels in some areas, once it's incorporated into these World Bank charts. There's so much to do yet, better to start early and do what we can.

    --Llamil Silman, Chief Technology Officer
  • My Team pick is the Netflix original movie Sand Storm. This film does not focus on extreme poverty, but does an extraordinary job of demonstrating the position of women and girls living in extremely challenging economic and political conditions. Even more compelling is its portrayal of the constraints women and girls face living in a patriarchal society.  These constraints lead to unenviable choices.

    --Charlie Bresler, Executive Director
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