Coming Exhibitions
December 3rd to january 3rd 2016

Speaking in Tongues, our ongoing collective project will be presented at the Botanique gallery.

Opening on 02/12/2015 from 18h to 21h

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"Speaking in Tongues is thought of as a space of freedom where the members each draw from their own oeuvre so that contact with others allows new readings of their own work. Pulled from their original contexts, the images take shape in a shared expression that leads them to serve as a wellspring of unexpected directions. While maintaining each photographer’s distinct approach and feel, La Grotte dissolves the concept of author and oeuvre through the construction of a new language using visual associations."
December 18th

Gilles Ribero's short film will be part of Catharsis located in Brussels. The event is a one-shot screening of 8 short films dealing with sculptural issues, and questionning the lines between video and cinema.

Start at 19h30

Aventure cinema

Galerie du Centre,
Rue des Fripiers 57,
1000 Bruxelles, Belgique
Curent Exhibitions
May 22nd to december 06th

IN/OUT, rencontre entre photographie et architecture

As a photographer of the In/Out project, Maud Faivre has an exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Charleroi with Zoé van der Haegen and Pierre Liebaert.
October 13th to december 19th

Sumène Artense

La Sellerie is a place dedicated to photography in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Aurillac.
Maud Faivre is showing a project on the landscapes of Sumène Artense, together with Marin Hock.

You can also discover a work of reconductions on Aurillac, produced by students from LE 75, Brussels, directed by Jean-Marc Bodson.
November 5th to december 19th

Bertrand Cavalier is part of the Fotofilmic 2015 for the second exhibition presented at the Burrard Arts Foundation in Vancouver, Canada.

"Photography FotoFilmic was founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Canada by VNB as a global film-photography publication and curation platform dedicated to emerging and unknown photo talents attached to the film medium worldwide".
Bertrand Cavalier made the cover for the Common Room, public school for architecture

Photograph from the Brussels Congress Station

"The public school for architecture Brussels is a self-organizing educational program where the curriculum and schedule are proposed by the general public through the schools website. [...] The school mission is to create a new public for architecture while opening up architecture for public".