Still plenty of time to plant your gardens!

June 2017

Still plenty of time to plant the garden. Check out this University of Minnesota Extension article on planting the garden for planting dates and plant spacing information, Steve plants all his gardens in June, and with the bountiful variety available at the mill’s tomato and pepper tasting events held in September, he certainly has been very successful. Stop in, talk to him, buy some plants, use the coupon below and let him pick out a free pepper for you.
June yard and garden tip
  • Remember to fertilize your lawn with an application of 25-0-15 fertilizer, now improved with 50% slow-release nitrogen, before mid-June if you have not applied any fertilizer this spring.
  • Later this month, consider raising the mowing height on the lawnmower to 2.5” or more as temperatures rise to promote deeper rooting, which should help the lawn become more resistant to stress.
  • Spray Weed Free Zone or Speedzone on creeping Charlie, clover, dandelions, and thistle now before temperatures increase. Both products become rain-fast in 4 hours and allow reseeding within 2 weeks of application.
  • Recent rains have made it easier to pull young weeds. Stay ahead of the problem by removing them before they become more established. Consider using organic mulch (2-4”) later in the month after soil temps have increased to keep weeds out and help retain moisture.
  • Stop in for netting to protect your strawberries from the birds. Remember to fertilize June-bearing strawberries after harvest with a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10.
  • All tomato and pepper plants can be planted now. If tomato plants are leggy, just plant them deeper to encourage rooting along the stem. Remember to stake or cage tomatoes after planting before they become too large.
  • Thin those early seeded crops like radishes, leaf lettuce and spinach to allow the young plants room to grow.
  • Rhubarb can be picked up to the end of the month. Remember to remove any flower stalks.
  • If your spring flowering shrubs like lilacs, forsythias or bridal wreath spirea, have become overgrown, prune them right after bloom is done in order to prevent removing the next season flower buds.
  • For a good fall bloom, prune back garden chrysanthemums one final time near the end of the month.
  • If some of your perennials are getting too big for their space, thin them now by removing some to give to your gardening friends or just compost them before they overtake the plants around them. Everyone will benefit.
  • Consider fertilizing roses later this month, after the first wave of blossoms, with a complete low nitrogen fertilizer (1 T per plant.)
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1 coupon per customer. Expires 6/30/17
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