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Hi Folks, 

The end of the year is coming up fast! I still don't have a signed lease for the place since we're still negotiating. Just as some transparency, the landlord is asking for over $400 extra a month. I've got him down some but hopefully this gives an idea of what's happening to the rent in the area (as if you needed a reminder).

Also, if you make an appointment online and then reschedule but can’t cancel your previous one, please let us know via email or with a voicemail. We’d appreciate being able to quickly open your previous slot for someone else.

Herbs are available now.

If you're interested in a recommendation and I haven't said anything please let me know. It's a small collection right now but that means it's adaptable, so please let me know so I can start adapting it to you all.

Prepping for Winter

As the weather starts cooling down again and we prepare to feast for the holidays, make sure to have some of these teas on hand to help you resist the cold better and help digest those foods. The big 2 for the season are always cinnamon and ginger. Both of these are helpful for those conditions that get worse with the cold weather, especially cinnamon. Star anise is also a good spice to help you be more resistant to the cold. 

The ginger will double as a digestive aid to get things moving through your system. For a gentler, sweeter alternative to ginger you can have anise seed tea. It’s yellowish brown; if it looks more greyish brown most likely that’s fennel. It’s spicier than the anise, definitely not as sweet, but still good for when you overdo it with food. 

And if you’re unsure which tea to take for digestion or cold conditions? Start with chai. The herbs and spices of a chai will cover a lot of ground under both conditions.

Just make sure you treat it as a remedy: skip the milk, but if you need a little sugar to tolerate it go ahead and add it!
No remedy is useful if you can’t or won’t take it.

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