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Possible student observer from POCA Tech

POCA is responsible for providing the info and support to start and continue running this office ever since I opened. The co-op started a school in Portland a few years ago to train acupuncturists to serve their communities as community acupunks. I have recently been asked to allow a student observer to fill their observation hours here. With the protests in Portland, fires across the West, and risks associated with traveling during a pandemic, traveling to Portland for school and clinic has become difficult to put it mildly.

We're working out the details to see how this could work. I haven't made a decision yet. But I am leaning towards helping this student take their next step in the process of doing this kind of work. Paraphrasing the director of POCA Tech, "Our student interns have self-organized a free weekly clinic shift for protesters. So they are getting lots of practice treating the effects of tear gas, rubber bullet wounds, cracked ribs, etc. I did not foresee this as an area of specialization for POCA Tech interns, but as far as 2020 goes, it's a bright spot."

Why wouldn't I want to support that!?

Parking Lot News

We are aware of the use of the parking lot by homeless folk and over the months they have been cleared out by the association that manages that property. We are counting on this being an ongoing issue since the lot is very empty most days. We recommend that you find street parking or residential parking around the corner. Please let us know of any issues you have in the lot. 

Unemployed Special Continues

We continue to offer $10 follow up treatments for all unemployed folks. And as a reminder, we would greatly appreciate cash payments specifically for these. Our credit/debit card processor takes their fees from all transactions no matter how small.

I've gotten a couple of questions as to why they couldn't rest as long as they used to before COVID. A small part of it is the extra bit of cleaning time for each chair. A bigger part of it is that in order to keep proper distancing I only have 6 instead of 8 chairs available. The biggest part is limiting your exposure time to me and each other in the office. I don't like ending people's down time especially in these hectic times, but in the end it's for your safety. Thank you for understanding.
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