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Office Updates

Hi all! 1 month down already, 11 more to go. The contract I signed last month lets us stay here for another 4 years with more manageable increases to everything. With this contract in effect, I'm hoping to bring back something like the student/unemployed fees. I have to create different scenarios for how that can work again. I want it to be part of normal operations, not some kind of special that comes and goes. I don't know what form it will take but it will not be $10 anymore. 

The floor replacement is still in the works. I've got bids and am working on discussing it more with the building owners. 

Community Questions

There have been a few questions as to how the office operates. I'll briefly answer 2 that have come up more recently.

1) Why we aren't open more days and more hours. As for the days: for many years I was open Tuesday-Saturday. However I had to close Wednesdays because of how slow it was. My last Wednesday open I had 1 or 2 patients for the entire shift. So that was the end of Wednesdays. 

2) Why don't we accept more people to fill up empty chairs. The reason is combo of issues: First, I'm usually catching up with charting. I chart so that I can keep track of what has worked/not worked with each treatment. Secondly, we're managing open space for those that have appointments. Thirdly, I have a limited amount of energy and attention to give. I could say yes to everyone who wants last minute treatments, but there is a point where each person gets less attention. For me right now the trade-off of more patients at the cost of less attention per person isn't worth it. Down the line that may change, but not yet.

Take care all. 

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