We will resume our usual operating hours of Tue and Thurs 1-7p, Sat 9a-3p this first week of January.

After a patient reported to us last Wednesday, December 30, that they had tested positive for COVID 19, we closed that day to allow more time between their last visit and us seeing patients. By this Wednesday, January 6, it will have been 2 weeks since that COVID-positive patient has come in. We have cleaned all surfaces, switched out all sheets, and have allowed time to help make the space safer. We give all this information to provide transparency and to allow you to make an informed decision about coming in for treatment. We will continue to let you all know what we’re doing to reduce your risk of exposure. Take care all and be safe.

Reminder For How We Operate under COVID-19

Per the County of LA Department of Public Health the Definition of a Close Contact is:

A “close contact” is any of the following people who were exposed to you while you were infectious:

  • Any person who was within 6 feet of you for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period

  • Any person who had unprotected contact with your body fluids and/or secretions. For example, you coughed or sneezed on them, you shared utensils, a cup, or saliva with them, or they cared for you without wearing appropriate protective equipment.

The way our office is set up:

  • You are past 6 feet of each other for the duration of your treatment.

  • Additionally no one is allowed to rest here without a properly worn mask; I have asked patients to either properly wear their mask or use one of our disposable ones if their mask is not in good condition.

  • Talking is kept to a minimum further reducing the spread of fluids.

  • Your acupuncturist is the only person consistently in your space and is there much less than 15 minutes.

We are working to reduce your chances for exposure and thank you for helping us accomplish this. As a reminder:

  • If you suspect you have a fever, are coughing, have lost your sense of smell, are nauseated or vomiting, or are otherwise feeling like you are getting sick please contact your medical provider for appropriate evaluation. WE ARE NOT PRIMARY CARE PROVIDERS AND CANNOT CURRENTLY MANAGE ANYONE WHO HAS FLU-LIKE OR COLD-LIKE SYMPTOMS.

As I said in the newsletter, thank you all for helping to keep our doors open both by coming for treatment and by staying away. By both these actions you also took care of everyone who has stepped into the office.

Our POCA Tech Student Observer is in starting this Wednesday 1/6. Say hi to Sade all!

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