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January Schedule Changes

We will be closed Thur-Sat Dec. 31-Jan 2. A safe New Year to you all!

POCA Tech Student Observer update: It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned anything about our potential student observer, but she’s here finally! Starting the first week of January 2021 you will see student observer Sade primarily in the treatment area but some observation up front too. She will eventually help taking out needles at the end of treatments but I will still be the only one to insert them. Here's her quick bio: Sade is a folk herbalist, nutrition educator, disability and health justice activist, and acupuncture student at POCA Tech. She likes reading, visiting gardens, making jam, and tea parties. Welcome Sade!

We still have our unemployed and student special of $10 for all follow-up treatments. We’ll officially return to the updated fee schedule of $25-40 for all follow-up treatments in January.

Looking Back and Forward

Key for Mitch and I this year has been about witnessing- in the fullest sense of the word- folk’s pain, keeping your stories with us to use to drive our work here. This year has been about a deepening anger at the disparity between our blessings and others’ suffering. As always we remain open, even if limping along, because you all have continued to come in and spread the word about us even during a pandemic. Plus people continue to look for help with health issues possibly made worse by this pandemic. 


Thank you to all of you for taking care of yourselves as best you can this year when so many factors have worked to drag and tear you down. In taking care of yourselves, both by coming for treatment and by staying away, you also took care of everyone who has stepped into the office.  It’s been a harsh but necessary balance needing to function in capitalism by earning money but also wanting to keep you safe by not having you come for treatments. To those who I have had to cut treatment short because of consistent coughs or sneezes, I apologize and thank you for understanding. Those decisions have haunted me because I understand it’s a betrayal of the trust you have in me as a healthcare provider. Your body language told me as much. 


2021 will continue to be rough. We may go back to 4 open days in the first few months but that is an idea only right now. Regardless of how things roll out, we’re working on staying here. In light of how many businesses have closed permanently, we’re doing OK 10 months into this upheaval. To those of you who haven’t been able to come in since all this started, don’t be a stranger, let us know how you’re doing. Each week feels like a roll call of folks we haven’t seen in months. To those who have been coming in as they can, thank you for helping us keep you safe and for helping us keep our doors open. With deep gratitude to all of you, let’s work to make it through 2021.

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