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A Publication of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) and UNIA-ACL Division 421
Whirlwind Newsletter for April 9th, 2014
Volume 3 Issue 9                                                                    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
The CBPM welcomes New Members:
Member #1,609 Easy E in Ninety Six, South Carolina.

Member #1,610 Ri, Hoover, Alabama,10 years Old, the youngest member to ever join the CBPM.

Member #1,611 Oscar in Tampa, Florida.
Can you represent for the Red, the Black & the Green, the colors of our Government Flag? Can you represent for the next Generation like how our Ancestors represented for us during the last 100 years, because now is the Centennial year. Can you represent for your Race, for your People, for your Family & for yourself in the Greatest movement that ever existed for Black People throughout the world, the UNIA-ACL? There are UNIA-ACL Divisions establish Globally that represent Africans in that specific region in the Black Government created for all Africans at home & abroad in 1920 with 100 years of Great Leaders. The UNIA-ACL has been very strong in the Philly, DC, NY, Chicago & LA. Atlanta is the capital of Black South. Can we represent in the friendly competition of Race 1st, Universal African Nationalism & Nationhood for our People? Join UNIA-ACL Global Government and represent for your people during the 21st Century Garveyism.  Race 1st... & 
Official Pledge to the Flag
I commit my Body, Mind and Spirit
to the Protection, Defense and Security
of the
I Dedicate My Life to the Redemption
of Mother Africa and the Liberation of
her scattered Black children.
I Accept For Myself and My 
Descendants the Teachings of
and Promise that Our Children will be
instilled with the Purpose and 
of Themselves as AFRICAN People
in order that the Cause of Our 
will neither falter nor fail
until all Black People are Free
and United through
Happy Earthday Greetings to CBPM Member:
Member #902 Bill in Baltimore, Maryland
Happy Earthday Greetings to CBPM Member:
Member #957 Reginald in Atlanta, Georgia
Happy Earthday Greetings to CBPM Members:
Member #842 Kaaria in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 

Member #885 Akeem in Los Angeles, California; 
Member #1,304 Stolzie Cincinnati, Ohio; 

Member #1,546 James in Chicago, Illinois.
Today's featured Member business on all 900+ pages at the CBPM website are:
Member #819 "Obsidia" in Baltimore, Maryland. Obsidia Inc. features Precious Metals Investment Plans, Purchase Collectible Silver and Gold Coins, and the History of Fiat Currencies.
Today's featured Member business on all 900+ pages at the CBPM website are:
Member #794 "Witness Corner" in Atlanta, Georgia. Ebrima Ba the Street Journalist Grassrootz Worldwide focus on Street Journalism, Film making, Grassrootz, and Witness Corner Film Productions.  Recently released by Witness Corner is the Documentary "Food, Clothing, and Shelter"...
Today's Great Africans in
On April 9th, 1933: Dr. Nathan Hare was born. Dr. Nathan Hare is often called "the father of black studies." On February 1, 1968, he was hired at San Francisco State, as the first coordinator of a black studies program in the United States, to write a proposal for the first department of black studies.
Today's Great Africans in
On April 9th, 2011: Jerry Lawson, the inventor of the video game cartridge, joined the Ancestors at age of 70 from a heart attack and complications from diabetes.
REPAT NATION!!! Powerful in Philly over the weekend.. 4thPG on RBG panel discussion with Precise Science &TahirRBG aka The Pyramid Kid atThe Black Angle Cafe Live....
Ten years ago ini came to Atlanta Georgia on a musical mission that ini have been trading on from a long time.The musical community in Georgia is very large,the culture have a depth that influence musicians to make great music.The Jamaican community help to give eyes to Atlanta in a way that they can appreciate reggae music. Music is the heartbeat of the people, it represents what one walk on in earthrunnings. The people are who give Kanijah eyes to write, sing and chant in a Babylan. Give thanks to all the producers that are walking with ini on this journey, Kingz Bread, Cadafy and Rawle. They have put in alot of work on ini project. Bless up WRFG 89.3 fm and its staff for keeping it positive on this side of town with the musical vibration. Look out for some new singles and a album soon, Rastafari love...
April 8th
Happy Earthday Greetings to CBPM Member:
Member #792 Na-Mar-Rah in Columbus, Ohio
April 8th
Happy Earthday Greetings to CBPM Members:
Member #318 Bokeem in Decatur, Georgia; 
Member #1,004 Dbo in Racine, Wisconsin

Member #1,078 Hamza in Stone Mountain, Georgia,  ;

Member #1,362 Malik in Savannah, Georgia;
April 8th featured Member business on all 900+ pages at the CBPM website:
Member #767 "Efren Diamond" in Atlanta, Georgia. a.k.a. Jah Diamond, the "Belize Wonder" a Roots, Rock, and Reggae ina dance hall stylee artist...
April 8th featured Member business on all 900+ pages at the CBPM website:
Member #799 "Funckshaun"  in Six Flags, Georgia..Words from Funckshaun: First I would like to say peace to all Hip Hop heads and give a shout out to all the original pioneers of Hip Hop music. If it wasn't for you all our culture of music wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. The world wouldn't have viewed us and recognize us for the power we do have. Hip Hop has allowed a lot of people to express themselves and put some of us in the financial positions that we are in...
On this day let's give a collective support to the New Member of the CBPM, CBPM Families with Earthdays and the CBPM's featured member businesses.  You may reach out to them and send them greetings, join their cause or support their business efforts.  It's all about supporting each other, supporting Black Businesses, and keeping the dollars in the community.
April 8th Great Africans in
On April 8th, 1946: Robert Johnson was born. Robert Louis Johnson, founder, chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Black Entertainment Television (BET), is also the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the first African American billionaire.
April 8th Great Africans in
On April 8th, 1974: Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record by hitting his 715th homework. He  retired with 755 homeruns in total. In 1992, he was accepted into the Baseball's Hall of Fame.
Empress Menen Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
Featuring Sister Carol's Daughter "Nkeeba Amaniye"
"Lion of Judah" Sound System...
Coming Up in the Community
Tonight - Thursday Morning, April 10th, 3am-6am, EST: "Rockin' Irations" Rastafari Culture and Reggae Music on 89.3 FM ( in Atlanta, Georgia...
Friday April 11th, 8pm-9pm, EST: UNIA-ACL Centennial Radio on Harambee Radio...
Friday April 11th-13th: UNIA-ACL High Executive Council Meeting in Washington DC...
Saturday April 12th, 10am-Noon, EST: Black Learning Channel Youth Program.
Saturday April 12th: Stand Our Ground - Sponsored by the African Community Centers for Unity and Self-determination.
Tuesday Night, April 15th, 11pm-12am, EST: "Harambee Radio" - We begin Our: Hiphop Holistic Series Live Check Us Out This Tuesday, Every Tuesday Night on Harambee Radio! Listen Live at or call in 805-309-0111 840360#. 
Advice from our Ancestor:
"Africans and persons of African descent must assume the primary responsibility and leadership in historical research... if we are to continue to leave practically all important historical research and writing concerning the black race to the white man, then we must be prepared to accept, uncomplainingly, the white man's point of view."
--Chancellor Williams
In Service,

UNIA-ACL Division 421
CBPM Administration Department
Atlanta, Georgia
678-827-CBPM (2276)

1,611 Members in the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)
Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) International Information Network, a Grassroots Connection.
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