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and the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)... Established November 15th, 1995
Whirlwind Newsletter for May 23rd, 2014
Volume 3 Issue 30                                               Atlanta, Georgia, USA
The CBPM welcomes New Member:
Member #1,642 Jazz in Atlanta, Georgia.
May 23rd, 2014:
African Liberation Day Celebration
Atlanta, Georgia: 
Africans from the Continent and the Diaspora coming together in Unity.
Dr. Barbara Williams Emerson, Oldest daughter to Honorable Hosea Williams.
African Liberation Day Theme:
" We must dare to invent the future"... Thomas Sankara
A glimpse of some of the workers for African People in the Atlanta Community.
Dr. Barbara Williams & Adisa Franklin of UNIA-ACL Division 421; RBG 4 Life
Bole Ethiopian Restaurant
1640 Virginia Ave, College Park, GA 30337
(404) 549-9111
Silver's Delight All Natural Juice and Caribbean Restaurant
2879 East Point Street, East Point, GA 30344; 404-567-6700
May 23rd, 2014:
Attorney Alton Maddox Tribute
United African Movement 
in Atlanta, Georgia: 
Born in Newnan, Georgia, practice Law in New York and returning to Georgia as the Hero of the African Race, Attorney Alton Maddox, a Georgia Born Great African.  Almost every well known individual on the Atlanta Black Conscious scene was in the house last night to thank our Living Legend, Attorney Alton Maddox. Tawana Brawley was also a special guest at last night's program. Brother Wanique Shabazz of WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta, Georgia and Brother Derrick Boazman of WAOK 1380 AM in Atlanta, Georgia, energied the crowd with words that were fitting for the excellent tribute to our own Attorney Alton Maddox.
May 23rd
Earthday Greetings to CBPM Members:
Member #90 Rodney in Atlanta, Georgia 

Member #242 Larry in Atlanta, Georgia
May 23rd
featured CBPM Member business on 900+ pages at the CBPM website:
Member #1,372 "Pearl Academy Math & Science Institute" in Atlanta, GeorgiaThe mission of Pearl Academy Math & 
Science Institute is to serve the community by discovering and communicating knowledge.  We prepare students in grades K-12 through a rigorous and innovative curriculum that inspires critical thinking and emphasizes the formation of character, a global perspective and a commitment to sustainability.
May 22nd
featured CBPM Member business on 900+ pages at the CBPM website:
Member #1,140 "America's Secret Holocaust" in North Little Rock, Arkansas. "The America's Secret Holocaust Project is designed to  bring awareness to the millions of sleeping black folks who foolishly believe there is no black genocide or maafa".
Lindsey Cross
15 yrs old
Carl E Thornton
15 yrs old
May 23rd
Great African in Our-Story:
On May 23rd, 1832, Sam Sharpe, National Hero of Jamaica, was hanged. He was born in 1801. Although he was born en-slaved, he learnt to read and write and he educated himself by reading newspapers and books. Sam Sharpe joined the church and became a Baptist Deacon. When Sharpe was just 31 years old he instigated a plan of passive resistance, a general strike against slavery. On December 28 1831, the Kensington Estate Great House was set alight as a signal that the rebellion had begun. Other fires broke out and it soon became clear that the Sam Sharpe’s hope for peaceful resistance was impossible. The rebellion lasted for 8 days and resulted in the death of around 186 slaves and 14 white overseers or planters. Retribution for the resistance was swift and merciless. Over 500 slaves were convicted and many were executed, most were hanged and their heads were cut off and placed around their plantations...
May 22nd
Earthday Greetings to CBPM Members:
Member #563 Herman in Atlanta, Georgia

Member #1,453 Shizu in Hiram, Georgia
May 23rd
featured CBPM Member business on 900+ pages at the CBPM website:
Member #1,376 "Pan African Writer's Associaton" in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Pan African Writer's Association (PAWA) is a Pan Africanist organization with the mission of contributing towards the cultural and social Renaissance of African people, at home, and in the Diaspora, through research, literary works, and developing social media networks and promoting the development of African creative industries.
May 22nd
featured CBPM Member business on 900+ pages at the CBPM website:
Member #1,389 "Real Difference Music Group" in Sacramento, California. Real Difference Music Group brings forth the Art of Music, a Gift Given By God! Specializing in Music Production, Artist Development and Marketing.
May 23rd
Great African in Our-Story:
On May 23rd, 1973, Singer Maxwell was born. He is an American R&B, funk and neo soul musician. He played an important role in the development of the soul sub-genre, neo-soul.
May 22nd
Great African in Our-Story:
On May 22nd 1940, Jounalist Bernard Shaw was born in Chicago, Illinois. Shaw began his broadcasting career as an anchor and reporter for WNUS in Chicago.
May 22nd
Great African in Our-Story:
On May 22nd, 1939, Paul Winfield was born. Winfield played Nathan Morgan opposite Cicely Tyson (who was also nominated for an Oscar) as his wife in a work which stood out against the tide of blaxploitation movies released at the time.
Coming Up In The Community
Sunday May 25th, 9am-11am:
SaAkhtified Radio from Virgin Islands with Dr. ChenziRa on Blog Talk Radio. SaAkhtified Radio is brought to you by PerAnkh Kemiversity.
Sunday May 25th, 5pm-7pm:
Dr. Julius Nyerere CBPM UNIA-ACL Division 421 Mass Meeting.

Coming Up In The Community
Coming Up In The Community
Coming Up In The Community
Advice from our Ancestor:
The day will come when history will speak. Africca will write its own story. It will be a story of glory and dignity" ... Patrice Lumumba
In Service,
UNIA-ACL Division 421
CBPM Administration Department
Atlanta, Georgia


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