Downton Abbey goes live tonight!

Sunday, August 18 | 9 p.m. on WHYY-TV | ADD TO CALENDAR

Downton Abbey Live is tonight! Follow along with us and your fellow fans across Facebook and Twitter as we go behind the scenes with the cast and creators, including Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith), Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes), Lesley Nichol (Mrs. Patmore) and many more. Get in on the conversation with the hashtag #DowntonLivePBS

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Downton Abbey Movie Ticket Package

Support WHYY and you can get a pair of tickets to the Downton Abbey movie! When you donate $5 or more as an ongoing sustainer and select the Downton Abbey tickets as a thank-you gift we’ll send you a pair of tickets digitally via Fandango.


Binge Downton Abbey before the film premiere

Six seasons of Masterpiece classic Downton Abbey. Six weeks until the characters appear on our big screens. You do the math! You can still stream every episode of the upstairs/downstairs drama if you start now. Patrick Stoner will escort you through it with his guide to the must-watch episodes of each season and trivia to tide you over until the premiere.


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