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Schooled Season 3
Don’t eat the marshmallow: Students from a ‘no excuses’ charter grow up to tell the tale


KIPP Philadelphia started a middle school in 2003 that promised to change students’ lives. It was one of the city’s first “no excuses” charter schools, where administrators implemented a militaristic discipline system and promoted a laser focus on college for kids from low-income neighborhoods. They also regularly counseled students who didn’t embrace their methods to leave the school.

Now, 15 years later, we tracked down dozens of former students to ask: in the long run, did the school live up to its promise? And how has the school’s original vision of success evolved? Read more »

Philly’s first woman police commissioner brings distinguished career — and disciplinary record


Christine Coulter, the city’s new interim top cop, was implicated in coverup of fatal 1990s police beating.  Read more »

Billy Penn
Philly’s police commissioner resigns after lawsuit alleging affair with officer


Former Commissioner Richard Ross is accused of ignoring harassment claims as retribution for a fizzled love affair. Read more »

Three Mile Island is closing. Now what?

Three Mile Island, infamous for being the site of the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history 40 years ago, is shutting down in September. StateImpact Pennsylvania reporter Marie Cusick explains what the closure means for how Pennsylvania gets its energy — and why the nuclear waste it generated is staying put. 


StateImpact Pennsylvania

West Chester hopes its plastic bag ban sends Harrisburg a message


The state moratorium calls for more study of regulating plastics. But many say the benefits are clear, and that it’s also a matter of local autonomy. Read more »

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