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Gemini e-Newscast #64

October 23, 2014

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Binary System of Stellar Corpses Sheds Secrets

Mukremin Kilic (Universitiy of Oklahoma) and collaborators report the discovery of the first millisecond pulsar with a pulsating white dwarf companion. High-speed photometry obtained using the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph (GMOS) on Gemini North revealed optical variability attributable to the roughly 0.2MSun white dwarf. The system offers opportunities for future investigation of mass, internal structure, and physical characteristics of these stellar endpoints, which are connected directly to their evolutionary paths. The work is in press in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, and a preprint is available.
The GMOS-North light curve of the optical companion to millisecond pulsar PSR J1738+0333. A comparison star is shown in blue, offset by -7%.

KASI Joins Gemini as a Limited-term Partner

The Korea Astronomy and Space Sciences Institute (KASI) will be a limited-term partner of Gemini in 2015. A memorandum of understanding is signed, providing the Korean community access to both telescopes. The total amount of time available is roughly 20 nights over the year. We look forward to working with our new partner!

Important Dates for the Gemini Instrument Feasibility Studies

The Gemini Instrument Feasibility Studies (GIFS) Request for Proposals is open, with the goal to fund feasibility studies for a future facility instrument. The Bidders Conference is October 31, and Letters of Intent are due by November 17. Complete proposals are due December 15. Full information is available at the Gemini website. To receive regular updates on GIFS, send us an email to:

Future and Science of Gemini Meeting 2015

The website for the Future and Science of Gemini Meeting, in Toronto, Canada, June 14-18, 2015 is now updated with more information about the program and venue. The site will be open for submission of registration and abstracts starting on November 20.

Bring One, Get One: Support for Early Career Observing Experiences

The first early-career visitors in the “Bring One, Get One” program have observed at Gemini North, and Gemini South will receive its first visitors soon. All visiting observers are eligible to apply to help their students gain hands-on observing experience.
Rosemary Pike (center, foreground), with part of the COLOSSOS team, including the Large and Long program PI Wes Fraser (left) and Michelle Bannister (right) during their observing run at Gemini North.
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