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Gemini e-Newscast #117

March 21, 2019

In This e-Newscast:

Ultra-sharp Images Make Old Stars Look Absolutely Marvelous

Using high-resolution adaptive optics imaging from the Gemini Observatory, astronomers have uncovered one of the oldest star clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy. The remarkably sharp image looks back into the early history of our Universe and sheds new insights on how our Galaxy formed. Read more at
Color composite GSAOI+GeMS image of HP 1 obtained using the Gemini South telescope in Chile. North is up and East to the left. Composite image produced by Mattia Libralato of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Credit: Gemini Observatory/AURA/NSF; composite image produced by Mattia Libralato of Space Telescope Science Institute

2019B Call for Proposals Deadline Coming up

Reminder to all potential Gemini PIs – the Call for Proposals for semester 2019B is out, and the deadline for proposals is either 31-March or 1-2 April (depending on Participant, see table below). Special notes on capabilities, visiting instruments etc. this semester include (see the “new and notable” section in the call pages for the complete list):
  • This is a B Semester, so proposals for new Large and Long Programs will be accepted for observations beginning in 2019B. It’s not essential to have submitted a Letter of Intent to apply for this program.
  • The Gemini community is eligible to propose Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) "filler" programs on Subaru in 2019B and beyond; time spent on these poor-weather programs are not charged to the exchange.
  • The Gemini North Laser Guide Star Facility (LGSF)  is now commissioned and will be available for science in 2019B.
  • Visiting instruments 'Alopeke, POLISH-2 and TEXES, are advertised as available in the North, and Phoenix and Zorro (`Alopeke clone) at Gemini South.
  • Unfortunately, the "Bring One, Get One" Student Observer Support Program has been canceled for 2019 due to budget restrictions. We hope to resume funding for this program next year.
  • Due to a very small balance of CFHT exchange time this semester, no time is available to the French community in 2019B.
Participant Submission Deadline Time Zone
United States April 01, 2019 at 23:59 Mountain Standard Time
Canada April 02, 2019 at 16:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Brazil April 02, 2019 at 23:59 Brazilian Time
Argentina April 01, 2019 at 17:00 Argentina Time
Korea April 01, 2019 at 23:59 Korea Standard Time
Chile April 01, 2019 at 23:59 Chile Time
U. of Hawaii April 01, 2019 at 10:00 Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
Subaru Community March 31, 2019 at 23:59 Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
French Community N/A  

2018 GeminiFocus Year in Review Available

The 2018 GeminiFocus Year in Review full printed edition is now available. If you would like to receive a copy please send an email and provide your complete mailing address. This issue is also available digitally.

Celebrating 1.5 Decades of Journey Through the Universe!

The 15th year of Journey Through the Universe, Gemini North’s flagship local education and outreach program, brought astronomy professionals from Maunakea and across the nation into Hawaiʻi island classrooms, visiting thousands of students – one classroom at a time. A diverse group of astronomers, scientists, engineers and informal educators provided an authentic and personal window into the process of scientific discovery and the wonders of our Universe.   
Science Fellow, Matt Taylor (standing, center) uses a large scale interactive model to show students the relationship between actual distances to stars and perspective.
National Science Foundation visitor, Anne Kornfahrens (right) and local student marvel at the hologram demo made in Gemini Software Engineer Angelic Ebber's (not pictured) Journey classroom presentation.
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