Narcotics module enhancements based on client feedback
Clients spoke. We delivered.

Several PSTrax clients - including Pinellas Park Fire Department (FL) - wanted more detail, reporting and trackability from our Narcotics Module. In response, we made several improvements to the total vial tracking module resulting in faster access to more drug inventory information. Here are the specifics.

Fire Apparatus, Fire Engineering report on Critical Assets Module

The Critical Assets Module is especially useful for high-dollar or grant funded items that periodically require tracking of costs, inspections, expirations, maintenance, movement and repair history—detailed information from manufacture to retirement. Customized to every department’s specs, the Critical Assets Module can be tailored for any frequency of check and offers a batch log option to group appropriate assets together instead of having to log or review each piece individually. MORE

Recent updates to the Critical Assets Module include the ability to batch edit expiration dates and batch change status.

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Additional Updates


  • Added the ability to mark a position as having "No Gear Present" when performing an SCBA check on an apparatus.
  • Added the ability to show who gear was assigned to at the time of an inspection in the PPE Inspection logs.
  • Ability to re-order the PPE, Narcotics and Apparatus sections of the Home screen.  Some clients want to see the PPE section at the top of the screen, others prefer the Narcotics or Apparatus sections at the top. This is now customizable, but must be set by PSTrax Support. Clients can contact Nathan, Tina or Shaunta.
  • Alerts marked URGENT will now display indefinitely on the Home screen (until closed). 
  • On the Apparatus Logs, you'll now see an orange dot next to checks that were completed AFTER their scheduled due date and a green dot next to checks that were completed on the date they were due.
  • Added "Incomplete Tasks by Date" report to allow users to view tasks that were due but not completed on a specific date. This feature is not available for dates prior to January 29, 2019.

From Frank Myers, retired Lieutenant with the City of Miami (FL) Fire Rescue:
Preventive inspections and maintaining everything from truck ladders to PPE may sound routine—until there’s a major problem. And once that problem occurs, the after-effects in terms of litigation, reputation and department disruption can be profound and long-lasting. How can you prevent this type of calamity? It all starts with the morning inspection(s) after roll call and shift change. This is the time to assure your apparatus, power tools, hand tools, PPE, SCBAs, etc. have been checked and viewed to ensure everything is in good working order.

From David Cain, Deputy Chief of Operations, Boulder, CO (ret): 
Firefighting is a challenge, but when extreme weather conditions are present the game is different. Cold weather is one example. Heavy wind and rain, an unrelenting heat wave and other extreme situations also mandate timely checks and maintenance. Firefighters and their equipment must be prepared for this challenge. Being prepared starts with complete checks of vehicles and all associated equipment along with the station itself BEFORE the weather turns nasty. Then, there must be timely maintenance where needed to ensure maximum performance and safety in the most difficult conditions.


Our PSTrax family wall of Patches debuts at FDIC
Is your organization on our PSTrax family wall? 

With our new booth design featuring our PSTrax family back wall, we sent out an all points bulletin to our clients to send in their department patch. Within a week, we had received over 100 new patches, that's on top of the ones we'd already collected through the years! Our plan is to display the patches at our booth at FDIC in Indianapolis, April 10th-13th.  

If you or any of your crews plan on attending FDIC, stop by and say "hi".  We're in booth 8533 in Lucas Stadium.


Sometimes, black and white tells the most colorful tale

This Boston Fire Historical Society timeline and photo archive goes back to 1872, when “truck checks and maintenance” followed a decidedly different protocol. The first timeline entry on January 5, 1874 addressed the City of Charlestown being annexed to Boston. Notes the Society, “The company continued to use an 1872 ladder truck built by Leverich & Co., of New York, equipped with 18 ladders of varying sizes.”


TV proved pivotal to EMS education in the 70s

According to, “In the pilot episode of the '70s hit TV show Emergency!, sleepy paramedics in L.A. jump out of bed when the firehouse alarm goes off. Soon, they're speeding down the road in red and white fire engines and ambulances with lights flashing as the sirens wail… Some might not be able to imagine a time when ambulances acted more like taxi services to the hospital rather than a critical step to save a life. But the show brought the daring rescues and life-saving medical treatment of L.A.'s EMS workers into homes across the country, where few had seen this kind of care before.” MORE


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