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#1 - New Edition of Twilight: 2000 Announced

Official Newsletter for Twilight: 2000 Fourth Edition

Hello! This is the first official newsletter for the new edition of the Twilight: 2000 tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing and Game Designers' Workshop. I'm Tomas Härenstam, lead designer and co-founder of Free League.

As the game was announced just a few days ago, this will just be a short hello and a big thank you to everyone in the community, for your warm welcome to us and the upcoming game. We couldn't be more excited!

All of the information revealed about the game so far can be found at the dedicated Twilight: 2000 page on our website. More information will be added there over time, up until it's time for the Kickstarter in August and the release early next year.

We have now opened a section dedicated to Twilight: 2000 at our forums, and you're very welcome to join the discussions there. Also, of course you have the pre-existing Twilight: 2000 Facebook group which is an amazing resource and community hub, and the new Facebook group Twilight: 2000 by Free League, created specifically for the new edition.

We try to be as active as we can on these platforms and we’re very eager to hear your questions, thoughts and requests for the new edition. Twilight: 2000 is a game with a large and proud community, and even if we might not be able to fulfill every wish, we certainly want to listen to your advice and feedback.

Some questions and even concerns have already been raised regarding the rules, which is only natural for a new edition of a classic RPG like this. I do want to clarify that the new Twilight: 2000 will not just be a reskin of Mutant: Year Zero or Forbidden Landsour previous award-winning survival-focused RPGs that also use the Year Zero Engine. Twilight: 2000 will be crunchier and have less random elements than these games. In fact, we are right now testing out a quite radically different version of the Year Zero Engine that uses a two-dice system instead of a dice pool. In any case, Twilight: 2000 will get a solid ruleset that captures the gritty, realistic feel of the original, but in a more accessible way and that fully realizes the potential for sandbox gameplay. We aim for a system that retains depth and complexity, but that is less granular and easier to use.

Yet, I want to make it very clear that we of course have nothing against players who might prefer to continue to play the previous editions of the game. In fact, we want to allow PDF modules for these editions to continue to be published just as they have until today. Our hope is that the release of the fourth edition will breathe even more life into the Twilight: 2000 community overall. We're all here for the love of the game, no matter which edition you play.

Speaking of community, we'd like to present the members of the team behind Twilight: 2000 4th Edition personally, so you can get a sense of who we are and where we're coming from. I'll start out with myself.

Being a roleplayer since my 11th birthday way back in 1985, the first edition of Twilight: 2000 was one of the first RPGs I played and it has stayed with me ever since. In the mid '90s, I spent my one-year mandatory military service as an intelligence officer in the Swedish army. Later, I pursued a career in journalism and worked for over a decade as a foreign news reporter and Middle East correspondent, reporting from places like Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. So, even though I haven't been a soldier for 25 years now, I have seen war and its effects up close.

I've retained my love for games throughout the years. I started Free League with a group of friends in 2011, and in 2013 I went full-time into the games industry. Twilight: 2000 remained a big source of inspiration for me when designing RPGs, and releasing a new edition of the game now is really a dream come true.

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