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Strider™ Mode for The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game Out Now!

Are you an adventurer who longs to explore Middle-earth on your own? Then rejoice, for today Free League Publishing has released Strider™ Mode for the praised The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game.

Strider™ Mode presents additional rules as well as modifications of the core rules of The One Ring™ to facilitate a lone Player-hero setting out on their own. The mode also includes guidelines for solo players and a selection of random, but thematic, tables to help incite and inspire your solitary wanderings across Middle-earth. Wonderous adventures awaits in the world of The Lord of the Rings™.

The new solo mode is designed from the ground up for The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game by award-winning solo game designers Shawn Tomkin (Ironsworn, Starforged) and Matt Click (Ironsworn: Delve, Mecha Hack).

The One Ring™: Strider™ Mode is a digital release only and available at DriveThruRPG.
The One Ring™ roleplaying game is based on The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™, two extraordinary works of fiction by the beloved author and respected academic, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. With these books, Tolkien introduced readers to his greatest creation, the world of Middle-earth, a mythic land from a remote past.
With The One Ring™, Middle-earth is yours to explore — you will travel the land searching for clues about the return of the Shadow, and have the chance to play a part in the struggle against the Enemy…
First released in 2011, the games award-winning design was hailed as the best attempt at bringing Middle-earth to the gaming table to date. Now the game has entered a new era and bring players further into the Twilight of the Third Age.
The year is 2965 of the Third Age and the Shadow is returning. Rumors of strange things happening outside the borders of civilized lands are spreading and they sometimes reach the ears of individuals who recognize the sinister truth they hide. You are such hero seeking adventure, eager to seek what was lost or explore what was forgotten. 
You are entering the Lone-lands of Eriador. It is here that the One Ring lies, a seed of the past that will one day lead the world to open war against the returning Shadow. The Enemy is moving, and smoke issues once more from Mount Doom, in the land of Mordor...
“The Enemy still lacks one thing to give him strength and knowledge to beat down all resistance, break the last defenses, and cover all the lands in a second darkness. He lacks the One Ring.”
The One Ring, Shire, Middle-earth, Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings and the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises and are used under license by Sophisticated Games Ltd. and their respective licensees.
When: June 3-5, 2022
Where: Booth 1-536, NEC, Birmingham, UK

Join us in strange and wondrous worlds at UK Games Expo 2022, the largest hobby games convention in the UK. In the booth, we will have game demos and a chance to get your games signed by the game creators. Ruins of Symbaroum, the 5E adaptation of our acclaimed dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum, will be available for a sneak-peak in our booth at UKGE ahead of the official launch on June 7.
On the Free League Showcase on Saturday, you have a chance to meet the game creators and ask any questions you might have.

Free League Showcase
When: Saturday at 3:30 PM 
Where: The Toute Suite

•    Mattias Johnsson Haake, game designer of Symbaroum
•    Nils Karlén, game director of Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying
•    Johan Nohr, creator of MÖRK BORG and the upcoming CY_BORG
•    Kosta Kostulas, game director of Coriolis - The Third Horizon
•    Chris McDowell, creator of Into the Odd Remastered

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