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EU ETS regulators fail to disclose carbon offset purchasing data

The latest data released by the European Commission reveals the origin of international offsets used in 2013 by companies in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), but falls short on information at the installation level. Unlike previous years, the Commission only released aggregate information, effectively hiding information linking the buyers to the 133 million offsets that entered the EU ETS in 2013.

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16 May 2014

More energy-intensive industries will pollute for free after 2015 

The European Commission has unveiled a list of 175 industries that will receive protection from the costs of climate change policies (“carbon leakage”) up to 2019. Surprisingly more financial support will be handed over to energy-intensive firms, despite there being no evidence for the occurrence of carbon leakage so far.  

09 May 2014

New research shows that a new climate deal must be based on multi-year, not annual, emissions budgets and comprehensively revised accounting rules to ensure the environmental integrity of targets and markets. 

30 Apr 2014

New recommendations for CDM reform

Carbon Market Watch has set out its views on reform of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The proposals, sent in a response to a consultation launched last year, include provisions on how to ensure projects result in genuine net environmental benefits.

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11 Apr 2014

New push for CDM rescue package

At a meeting last month, the CDM Board decided to renew calls for public and private sector buyers to voluntarily purchase and cancel CDM carbon credits. The move comes in response to continued weak demand that has led to CDM offset credits suffering from a low price below €1. 

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09 Apr 2014

New CDM Sustainable Development Tool is a small step forward 

The CDM Board has published a voluntary tool to report about the contribution of CDM projects to sustainable development. The tool is far from being perfect but it is a step in the right direction to improve the oversight of sustainable development and to monitor co-benefits beyond GHG reductions.

Campaign Focus  Santa Rita – Large hydro power project, Guatemala

Call for UN carbon credit scheme to reject Guatemalan project following allegations of murder and intimidation

Carbon Market Watch is calling on the Executive Board of the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to reject the Santa Rita Hydroelectric Plant (project ref#: 9713) at its meeting starting on 28 May 2014 in Bonn following alleged human rights abuses, including murders and intimidation of affected communities.

The Santa Rita Hydroelectric Plant  is one of three projects that are under development in the Icbolay River and in the municipality of Cobán, in the Alta Verapaz region in Guatemala. The project is subject to community opposition over the environmental and social impacts and over violation of community consultation rights which are at the heart of the Guatemalan Agreement on Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The project is currently requesting registration but a review was requested to investigate whether the local stakeholder consultation was carried out in accordance with the CDM rules. The Santa Rita project is the first to have been formally reviewed by the CDM Board on the grounds that local stakeholder consultations were not carried out in the proper way.

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  • International Civil Aviation Organisation Meeting - Singapore: 20-23 May 
  • CDM Executive Board Meeting - Bonn: 28 May -1 June
  • SB40 - Bonn: 4-15 June
  • Environment and Energy Council discuss EU 2030 - Brussels: 12-13 June
  • European Council takes stock of EU 2030 progress - Brussels: 26-27 June



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