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Issue #8 January, 2017

Thank you for reading MALA Magazine.  Happy New Year and welcome to the year that Tibet House US turns 30 years old!  In this energetic Fire Bird year, we look forward to sharing more about the history, arts, Buddhist sciences, and more about Tibet's amazing cultural heritage.  Thank you for your support!

Thursday, March 16

Please join us to celebrate Tibet House US’ 30 Anniversary, Philip Glass’ 80th birthday, and the Tibetan New Year, the Year of the Fire Rooster! 2017!!

We’re delighted to announce that Philip Glass will be joined by Laurie Anderson, Iggy Pop, New Order’s Bernard Sumner, Phil Cunningham, and Tom Chapman, Patti Smith and her Band, Tenzin Choegyal and Jesse Paris Smith, Scorchio Quartet, Lavinia Meijer.

Check the Tibet House US website regularly as updates will be posted! Benefit tickets including prime seats at the concert and entrance to the dinner are on sale NOW and can be purchased by visiting or calling (212) 807-0563.

We were so sorry to hear of the passing of our dear friend Miss Sharon Jones who’s inspiring, electric performance last year was a highlight for all who attended. Her talent was matched by her indomitable spirit and she will be greatly missed. We send our heartfelt condolences to her loved ones.


The Eightfold Path is an indispensable road map for meditators and those interested in Buddhism: 

Training in ethical discipline:
Right speech – our way of communicating
Right boundaries of action – how we behave
Right livelihood– how we make a living

Training in concentration
Right effort – control of destructive habits and developing states of mind conducive to meditation
Right mindfulness – strengthening our object of focus and motivation
Right concentration – maintaining focus on something constructive

Training in discriminating awareness:
Right view – what we believe to be true, based on discriminating correctly between what is correct and incorrect, or harmful and helpful
Right intention (right motivating thought) – the constructive state of mind that our right view leads to

Each of the eight practices has an incorrect way of applying it and a right way of doing it!

"If the magnificence of the place was to be increased by any external cause, none could more superbly have adorned its numerous gilded canopies and turrets than the sun rising in full splendour directly opposite. It presented a view wonderfully beautiful and brilliant; the effect was little short of magic, and it made an impression which no time will ever efface from my mind."  Captain Samuel Turner, who visited Tashilunpo in the 18th century as a representative of the East India Company.

Tashi Lunpo Monastery is one of the few in Tibet to weather the stormy seas of the Cultural Revolution, remaining relatively unscathed. Founded in 14447 by Gedun Drub, the disciple of the famous Buddhist philosopher Je Tsongkhapa and later named the 1st Dalai Lama, it is located in Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet. Overlooking the city, the full name in Tibetan means "all fortune and happiness gathered here." It is one of the most important monasteries in Central Tibet besides being the traditional seat of the Panchen Lama. Choekyi Gyalpo, the 11th Panchen Lama, was enthroned there, according to the government of the People's Republic of China, while Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the 11th Panchen Lama recognized by the Dalai Lama, has been held under "protective custody" by the Chinese authorities since 1995. After the Tibetan national uprising in 1959, a handful of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery monks along with many thousands of Tibetans escaped into India. The Monastery was then subsequently re-established in Bylakuppe in Karnataka State, India.
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"Things that can go wrong..."  Disease is viewed in Tibetan medicine as an imbalance of the three humors - but the exact word in Sanskrit as in Tibetan is literally "things that can go wrong." The three major elements of the body are called wind, bile and phlegm. 

Wind is sometimes translated as neural energy. There are winds that relate to the upper body: which enters the upper body,as when we swallow, speak, etc. Other winds relate to the lower body: energy in and out down the body, as in the case of detention or release excretions, menstruation and orgasm. And yet other winds relate to blood pressure, motor skills, as well as different types of energy in relation to the heart.

Bile handles certain aspects of the digestion and assimilation, such as liver bile. It also relates to various aspects of pigmentation, as when we catch a sunburn, as well as hemoglobin, red blood cells and health related to vision.

Phlegm concerns systems mucos and lymph in the body. It relates to colds, sinus problems and to sinovial fluid in the joints.  For example, rheumatism and arthritis are phlegm disorders. 

A Tibetan doctor examines the relationship between these three elements by taking your pulse, discussing your symptoms, and looking for external signs of imbalance or illness.  

For a fun self-analysis of your system see:

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Did you know...

Is it a Yeti......The Tibetan blue bear is notable for having been suggested as one possible inspiration for sightings associated with the legend of the yeti. A 1960 expedition to search for evidence of the yeti, led by Sir Edmund Hillary, returned with two scraps of fur that had been identified by locals as 'yeti fur' that were later scientifically identified as being portions of the pelt of a blue bear. 

January 8     A Fire day energy increases wealth - this is a good day to cut your hair
January 12   Full Moon
January 19   A Wind day has sublime energy which quickly grants your wishes. However, this is a bad day to start a new business.
January 27  This is a good day to hang prayer flags

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