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Issue #3 August 2016

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The Shoton festival is celebrated in the summer, from the 15th to the 24th of the 5th lunar month - usually about the middle of August, after a month's retreat by the monks who stay within their monasteries to avoid walking on the emerging summer insects and killing them. The festival started in the 16th century with a banquet given by the lay people for the monks featuring yoghurt. The unveiling of a giant tangka at Drepung Monastery or Nobulingka, day long operas, dancing and theatrical events, hanging walls of rugs and prayer flags were all part of this traditional celebration. In the past dancers came from all over Tibet, but today there is only the state-run Lhasa Singing and Dancing Troupe.

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Photo by Sonam Zoksang
The Four Noble Truths are considered to be the foundational teachings that Shakyamuni Buddha gave after attaining enlightenment and are known to contain the essence of the Buddhist path.

Truth of Suffering
The first truth is that, in general, life is unsatisfactory. 
The attainment of happiness is temporary at best. Even if we consider ourselves happy for a while, this happiness is transitory by nature. 

Cause of Suffering
Our own disturbing emotions, hatred, envy, greed drive us to compulsively think, speak and act in ultimately self-destructive ways based on a fundamental misconception of the nature of reality.

Cessation of Suffering
If we get rid of our confusion about reality, the problems will never be able to come back.  We will stop creating new problems altogether.

Right View/Eight-Fold Noble Path
Realize that we are intimately interconnected with the rest of humanity and all sentient beings. Meditating on the nature of reality and understanding the deeper consequences of our actions of body, speech, mind, we can end our suffering.

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Norbulingka Institute is named after the Norbulingka Palace in Lhasa, Tibet which was commissioned by the 13th Dalai Lama and used as a summer residence.  Traditionally, it was the hub for festivals and celebrations, including the Shotun festival.  Norbulingka is now located in Dharmsala, India dedicated to teaching traditional arts: painting, woodworking, appliqué, to conserve the unique identity of Tibetans culture.
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Tsakli. Gouache on cotton. 15th century. Tibet House US Repatriation Art Collection.

Tsaklis are small cards of layered stiffened handmade paper or of sized cloth, painted on one side and often with a Tibetan syllable, word, line, or several lines of calligraphy on the reverse. They are assembled into sets and depict specific deities and are used in rituals which may include empowerment ceremonies, transmission of teachings, and funerals.   
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Sand Mandala creation, Tibet House US, December 2015
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In Tibetan tradition, the Kuten, or Oracle, literally translates as  “the physical basis.” Oracles are considered to channel protector deities who are petitioned for advice and insight.  Traditionally there were hundreds of oracles. Some have highly recognized roles and relationships. For example, the Nechung Oracle is the State Oracle of Tibet and currently resides with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. There are also two female oracles who are active in India today. 
August 2   - New moon
August 6  -  Chokhor Duchen, celebrates the Buddha's first teaching of the Four Noble Truths  in Sarnath, India
August 17 -  An earth - water day is considered a good day for making someone happy
August 18 -  Full moon, and this is an auspicious day to cut your hair
August 22  - A wind day is a lucky day with a sublime energy that can make your wishes come true
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