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Issue #1 June 2016

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Saga Dawa celebrates Buddha Shakyamuni`s enlightenment and parinirvana on the full moon ( the 15th day ) of the fourth Tibetan lunar month , this year on May 21st, 2016. It lasts from the new moon of the month until the following full moon. During this period it is said that the effect of positive or negative actions are multiplied 10 million times. 
A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that is repeated to aid concentration in prayer or meditation.
This mantra is most frequently associated with the bodhisattva Chenrezig, and Tibetan culture in general. Saying the mantra out loud or silently to oneself while visualizing it spinning clockwise around your heart is said to invoke the benevolent energy and blessings of this bodhisattva of compassion.
Photo by Lt. J. R. Weir ; circa 1930; Tibet House US Old Tibet Photographic Archive
The magnificent Potala Palace was the Winter Palace of the Dalai Lamas and is Lhasa's cardinal landmark and a World Heritage Site.  Perched upon Marpo Ri hill, 130 meters above the Lhasa valley, the Potala rises a further 170 meters and is the greatest monumental structure in all of Tibet. The Potala was first and foremost the residence of the Dalai Lamas, since the Great Fifth began its construction in 1645 up to 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama was forced to flee into exile. Famous stories about the 14th Dalai Lama's childhood in the Potala, where he lived until he was 24 years old, tell of him exploring the city from the roof-top through telescopes and binoculars, as he was prevented from playing with other children his age outside of the Palace.
The Tibetan medical system is one of the world's oldest known healing traditions, which includes astrology and divination. This system is based on the five elements, the twelve-year cycle, eight trigrams, and nine magic square numbers. 
Photo of the finale at the 2016 Annual Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall. Photo by Artuto Bejar. 
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Did you know...

Bön was the indigenous religion of Tibet before the arrival of Buddhism in the 7th century AD.  Bön is spelled either Bön or Bon, and is sometimes called Bonism. Followers of Bön are known as Bönpo or Bon-po.

June 5:  New moon  
June 18: Increased longevity 
June 20:  Full moon and this is an auspicious day to cut your hair
June 21:  H. H. the 17th Karmapa's birthday 


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