QField 2.0 is coming, how should it look like? 🕵‍♀️🕵‍♂️

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Hi <<First Name>>,

It has been a long time since we last wrote, 10 Months passed like a breeze while we pushed hard toward our goal to deliver the best professional fieldwork application out there.
The wait is now almost over, read further to get the latest news about the upcoming QField 2.0 release, the open BETA of QFieldCloud and our growing family.

🌳 Team

Last May we mentioned that besides being stunning like the Monalisa we were also following the "Divine proportion" in our growth.
Well, we are now 19 highly motivated “Geo-Ninjas”, and only 2 short of the next proportion step. So we'd say still pretty divine 😉 and yes, we're already looking for our next Full-stack Ninja.

True to our mission, we keep working hard on innovative open source solutions delivering lots of value for our customers and their SDIs while giving back as much as we can to the open-source world.

Since its inception, at we believe that everyone should have access to the best possible tools and knowledge. By committing ourselves to develop open-source applications, we want to give everyone access to powerful tools to plan, review and mitigate geospatial issues hopefully leading to the creation of a more just and humane society.

Make Maps Not War!

📱Spring is coming, QField 2.0 too

After an intense development and testing period, we are almost ready, QField 2.0 is coming out in the next few weeks (but hey, that's a secret 🤐).

What would you like it to look like?

As the release of QField 2.0 is getting really close, we are also finalising an update of its visuals language. And since you have been loyal followers, we decided to let you vote on QField's new appearance. Head to the 1 question survey to let us know which variant is your favourite 💪

Packed with new features

QField 2.0 is packed with new features that will make your professional fieldwork even more efficient. You can get a taste of all you will be getting in a couple of weeks on QField's changelog. Be aware, it will blow your mind... 🤯

If you feel you can't wait any longer, you can already check it out by becoming a beta tester.

The 🤖 looks out of the 🪟 and sees lots of 🍎

For Android, iOS and Windows tablet and mobiles. But also for Linux, macOS and Windows laptops and desktops. QField can be installed basically anywhere and can help thanks to its simplicity even on desktop work.
If you do not have it yet, get it now!

☁️Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

QFieldCloud BETA is here

Some of you may already have been part of the closed BETA testing phase. THANKS! For all the others, great news ahead  QFieldCloud open BETA is coming in the next weeks.
QFieldCloud's unique technology allows your team to focus on what's important, making sure you efficiently get the best field data possible. Thanks to the tight integration with QField, you will be able to start surveying and digitising data in no time.

You will be able to register directly from QField 2.0 or on

🌱Springtime is QGIS upgrade-time

Last month QGIS 3.22.4 Białowieża replaced 3.16.16 Hannover as the long-term release. So if you did not yet already, it’s now time to upgrade.

Do you know our QGIS sustainability initiative?

Back in 2019 launched this initiative to allow us to invest time in hidden tasks that are necessary to deliver stable and reliable software like QGIS. For every support contract of more than 10 days, we donate days to the initiative. In addition, all unused hours at the end of each contract are donated to the initiative.

Thanks to our fantastic clients who subscribed for a support contract, our team could work 150 hours accumulated in our sustainability initiative last year.
On top of that, we invested 2500 hours (yes, that is 312 full-time days of our employees!) in pro-bono work for QGIS, QField and QFieldCloud.

By getting one of our support contracts you help enable a long term and sustainable development of the QGIS ecosystem.

Become a hero, get a support contract 🦸‍♀️ 

👀 See you soon

That's it, we hope you enjoyed it! Let us know how you liked our newsletter on a 10 seconds survey.

Stay safe, see you soon and don’t forget to sponsor or contribute to your favourite tools!

Your relentless Team
Marco, Matthias, Mario, David, Denis, Olivier, Lucie, Ivan, Fabian, Damiano, Linda, Robert, Mathieu, Zsanett, Clemens, Anna, Mirjam, Isabel and Chantal
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