When we scheduled tomorrow's inaugural "Courageous Conversation with Awake Milwaukee," my husband Mike asked me how many people I was hoping would attend. I replied, "I think we're going to have a good response... maybe 40 or 50 people if things go well?"

Well, it turns out I was underestimating your interest in this topic - and your desire for honest conversation with others who care about the issue of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. As I'm writing this message, we are quickly approaching our capacity of 100 Zoom participants, from all over the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and beyond. (If you were planning to attend but haven't signed up yet, please register now to make sure you get a spot.)

Good news though: Because of the huge amount of interest, we do plan to record the session and share a video with you next week. So, if you aren't able to attend live, watch our Facebook page and next week's newsletter for the video to view on your own schedule. 

We plan to continue these Courageous Conversations regularly in 2021, so stay tuned for more important discussions soon.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow evening!

Sara Larson
Executive Director, Awake Milwaukee

PS: With all of the recent attention on the McCarrick Report, we know that many people have moved on from thinking about the extensive abuse allegations against Catholic composer David Haas. Unfortunately, those who experience sexual abuse and harrassment don't just "move on," and neither should we. Today's blog post highlights various approaches to the use of Haas's music, including from several local music ministries and our own Archdiocese. You can view that blog post here.


Blog Post: Update - Dioceses and Parishes Consider Survivor-Centered Approaches to David Haas’s Music

“When news broke last summer that dozens of women had accused popular Catholic composer David Haas of sexual abuse, some dioceses responded quickly, directing music ministers to stop using his compositions, which include popular contemporary hymns such as “Blest Are They” and “We Are Called.”

The women who made allegations against Haas filed their reports with Into Account, a small organization that supports survivors of sexual violence in Christian contexts. To date, Into Account has received 44 different reports, available here. After Into Account made these reports public, two survivors—including Margaret Hillman, who shared her story with Awake—joined with a former team member of Haas’s music ministry camp to contact all Catholic dioceses in the United States, asking that they stop using Haas’s music. The women sent three different letters to each diocese. Of the 174 dioceses, 84 have responded to say that they are no longer using his songs..."

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 Please Join Us In Prayer

Thank you for your continued commitment to joining Awake in prayer! 

As we prepare for this Thursday's Courageous Conversation, could you please pray for the success of this event? More specifically, we pray that the survivors and family members participating may find strength and support in connecting with this community, and that all who attend may be inspired to take action in response to our conversation. 
Did you that this Thursday's Courageous Conversation is made possible by financial contributions from supporters like you? If you have not had an opportunity to donate yet, please click here to make a contribution today!
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