We Are Truly Thankful for You

Let's be honest: 2020 has been a difficult year for our nation and our world. Whatever our particular life circumstances, we have all experienced disappointment, worry, and loss during this unprecedented time.

But 2020 has also been the year when Awake Milwaukee discerned our direction, found our footing, and connected with so many wonderful people who have decided to walk this journey with us.

So, in spite of the continued challenges surrounding us, we approach this Thankgiving holiday with hearts full of gratitude. Whether you're brand new to Awake or have been supporting us since August 2019, we are truly thankful that you have made the choice to be engaged in our mission. We remain encouraged and energized by the way the Holy Spirit is moving through this ministry, and we can't wait to see what happens next.
Dear friends, let's thank God, together.

Sara Larson
Executive Director, Awake Milwaukee

PS: We are in great need of more volunteers to help Awake fulfill our mission in the months ahead!  If you would like to learn more about the opportunities we have available, please just reply to this email and I will send you our list of volunteer needs! Thank you!

Blog Post: Enablers and Bystanders - 
Are They Key to Addressing the Sex Abuse Crisis?

“The Vatican’s McCarrick Report, released earlier this month, led many Catholics to ask how Theodore McCarrick rose through the ranks of the Church hierarchy despite the rumors of his sexual abuse of seminarians. The report suggests that some people knew abuse was happening, but did not act to prevent it. Those who were aware included church leaders ranging from priests to bishops to popes. For example, one section of the report describes a dinner in 1990, when a bishop and priest witnessed McCarrick groping an obviously stunned seminarian seated next to him at the table. The witnesses abruptly left and did not report this behavior to church officials.

What do such people—who are not predators themselves, but allow predators to operate—owe to the victims who are harmed?"


 Please Join Us In Prayer

Thank you for your continued commitment to joining Awake in prayer! 

In the past few weeks, Awake has connected with a clerical abuse survivor (from another area of the country) who is suffering greatly at this time. We are honored that she chose to share her story with us but also disturbed to hear how the Church has failed her in so many ways for so many years. Sadly, the priests she reached out to for support last week spoke words that hurt her even more, but we are grateful that she eventually found her way to Awake so that we can offer our friendship and support at this difficult time.

Please pray that this survivor may find the kindness, justice, and healing that she needs - and that all Church leaders may be gentle and compassionate in responding to those who have been harmed.
Awake is in the midst of our first-ever fundraising campaign, and we could really use your support! If you would like to contribute, just click here to donate!
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