Lent in a Time of Pandemic

I'm writing this message on Ash Wednesday, when many Christians enter into a penitential season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

But for many of us (myself included) it feels like last year's Lent never ended, and it's hard to enter this season with much enthusiasm. I recently came across this prayer, which really resonated with me. If you are struggling right now, perhaps it will give some encouragement to you as well: 

Lord, I am already suffering. Help me to suffer as you did, in your presence, and by your grace. Make beautiful this desert of suffering by the flow of living water. Prepare me, Lord, for resurrection and new life.

Whatever burdens we are carrying, let's keep walking through this desert, together.

Sara Larson
Executive Director, Awake Milwaukee

PS: If you're not already signed up for tomorrow's Courageous Conversation on building trauma-sensitive parishes, now's the time! I will be sending out the information email with the participation link later today. Click here to get registered now, and please consider spreading the word to others, especially the clergy and lay ministers at your parish. 

Survivor Story: How I Found Healing Through Scripture

This week on the Awake Blog we revisit our very first Survivor Story, a moving reflection by Deacon Larry Normann, who serves St. Joan of Arc and St. Catherine of Alexandria parishes here in Wisconsin. 

"In 1968 at the age of 19, while in studies for priesthood, I was abused by the priest who was my superior, the individual with the most input in evaluating my suitability to continue. He was well respected in the seminary community; I had respected him as well. There was no one to whom I could reach out; who would believe me? Consequently, I kept silent..."

Save the Date:

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Please Join Us In Prayer

Thank you for your continued commitment to uniting with Awake through prayer!

Please join us in praying that many clergy and lay ministers will accept our invitation to attend tomorrow's Courageous Conversation - and that they will be inspired to take steps towards building trauma-sensitive parishes throughout our Church.
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