Georges Méliès was one of the most prolific early filmmakers. He and his collaborators produced more than 520 short films in France between 1896 and 1913. In his March 3rd presentation at the Smithsonian, Associate Professor Matthew Solomon discussed  Méliès’ extraordinary career as a magician, caricaturist, and filmmaker, while considering his relationship to the nineteenth-century tradition of science fiction and the Incoherent art movement. The presentation included screenings of two of Méliès’ fantastic voyage films: A Trip to the Moon (1902) and An Impossible Voyage (1904).
20th Annual CLIFF Conference: Appetites: Discourses of Consumption
March 10, 11, and 12
West Conference Room
Rackham Graduate School
Times Vary; Please See Complete Conference Schedule 
Keynote speaker: Rey Chow, Professor of Literature at Duke University. 
"A Tale of Deliveries, or Unpacking the Lunchbox" 
Thursday, March 10, at 5:00 p.m. 
Rackham Assembly Hall 
Over the past twenty years, the rise of food studies has brought the culinary to the attention of academics, particularly among social scientists and in departments of cultural studies. This relatively new concern with food opens up the possibility of thinking about consumption and appetites in broader terms. How do we consume bodies, images, and cultures? How can the humanities engage with food studies? Is it possible to think the consumption of food alongside other forms of consumption? This conference, aimed at graduate students in all disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, is concerned with appetite and consumption in all their varied aspects.
This event is sponsored by the College of LS&A, Judaic Studies, Comparative Literature, Afroamerican and African Studies, Rackham Graduate School, the International Institute, Screen Arts & Cultures, Romance Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Asian Languages and Cultures, History, English Language and Literature, and Germanic Languages and Literatures. 
Latino Americans: 500 Years of History Film Series
Screening of Prejudice and Pride 

March 14
Ypsilanti District Library
6:30 p.m. -- Free and Open to the Public 
Episode 5 of this PBS Series (full series to be screened at the Ypsilanti Librarydetails the creation of the proud “Chicano” identity, as labor leaders organize farm workers in California -- and as activists push for better education opportunities for Latinos, the inclusion of Latino studies, and empowerment in the political process.
The 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival 
March 15-20
Various Times and Venues; Please See Full Schedule
The 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival will feature more than 200 films, videos, and live performances with over 30 world, North American, and US premieres. 
On Tuesday, March 15, the Opening Night Screening (Michigan Theater, 8:15 p.m.) will feature Short Films in Competition with Drive In (2015) by SAC's Media Technician Joel Rakowski and Senior Lecturer and Associate Chair Terri Sarris.  Shot on Max 8mm, the film offers a "snapshot" of a summer evening at what was once the largest, and now one of the last, Detroit area drive-in theaters, still going 5-screens strong. 
On Sunday, March 20, the Regional Films in Competition (Michigan Theater Screening Room, 11:00 a.m.) will  feature Our Last Hurrah (2015)  by Terri Sarris -- a cinematic portrait of family, nostalgia, and impending loss. 
Latino Americans: 500 Years of History Film Series-
Related Discussion with Assistant Professor Colin Gunckel 

March 16
Ypsilanti District Library
6:30 p.m. -- Free and Open to the Public 
Related Discussion with Assistant Professor Colin Gunckel: Civil Disobedience
Learn how art and activism influenced each other in 1970s Latino/a culture. 
SACapalooza: SAC's Undergraduate Declaration Event
March 18
Studio A, 1440 North Quad 
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.  
If you are interested in declaring a Screen Arts & Cultures major or a Global Media Studies minor and/or you just want to learn more about what these academic programs offer, join us at SACapalooza! This year, in addition to the information session provided by our SAC advisors, the FVSA (Film & Video Student Association) and React to Film will be giving presentations about their organizations.
photo credit - Julie Fassnacht
The Ultimate Sports Show, also known as USS, is WOLV TV’s scripted comedy program that blends the worlds of Sports and Sketch Comedy. Each week, the cast and crew films episodes using original sports jokes and sketches that "make you laugh til you cry." Whether poking fun at Jim Harbaugh or analyzing an NFL player’s Thanksgiving dinner, USS has you covered. This semester USS is filming their own parody of an ESPN 30 for 30 short film titled “17 for 38,” as a shout out to Fetty Wap’s infamous single “Trap Queen.” Following the story of Ann Arbor’s Dorm Basketball league, “17 for 38” provides an in-depth look at the rise and fall of a champion as well as the uplifting story of an unexpected talent. The short film is the first USS has produced and is expected to be hilarious -- as always. Look out for its release this April. All USS episodes and specials can be found at our website at
Writer Credit: Jake Ferguson and Julie Fassnacht
SAC Alum ('06) and Visiting Production Faculty ('11-'14) Sultan Sharrief discusses the lack of diversity in Hollywood in episode one of his new YouTube show What's Really Going On
Sultan Sharrief's YouTube show What's Really Going On? recently premiered with a two-part episode entitled, "What if Deadpool was Black? (How Chunky Monkey Can Explain Why the Oscars Are So White)." In the episode, Sharrief addresses the underlying complexity of the "Oscars So White" issue, citing seven reasons he believes to have collectively contributed to the lack of diversity in Hollywood. In future episodes, Sharrief plans to continue to explore the lack of diversity in the industry, beginning with his process of developing his new reality TV show, STREET CRED, a show that challenges inner city youth to apply their street smarts and inherent grit to compete for a chance at a dream film internship. 
Professor Johannes von Moltke Co-organizes and Participates in Kracauer Conference in Vienna
Johannes von Moltke has co-organized a conference at the IFK in Vienna that will be taking place this week (March 9-11) to mark the 50th anniversary of Siegfried Kracauer’s death. He will be presenting a paper entitled “Der wunderliche Humanist: Siegfried Kracauer in der Kultur des kalten Kriegs,” and he has been invited to appear on Austrian radio during his visit for a conversation about Kracauer and the conference. His own book on Kracauer is due out in June from the University of California Press. His most recent article, entitled “Hollywood, Hitler, and Historiography: Film History as Cultural Critique,” appears in the Fall 2015 issue of Cultural Critique.
SAC Graduate Student Spotlight: Certificate Student Anne-Charlotte Mecklenburg
Anne-Charlotte Mecklenburg is a third-year PhD candidate in the English department, and she is also currently pursuing a SAC certificate. Her research seeks to bring together 19th century literature and contemporary television through the lenses of adaptation, seriality, and fan cultures. She is particularly interested in how time and history help produce viewers’ sense of intimacy with both serial texts themselves and with each other. She is in the process of revising a conference paper for the SCMS conference in Atlanta, which looks at how the television shows ElementarySleepy Hollow, and Forever constructed a Sherlock Holmes/John Watson relationship between a white English man from the past and a contemporary American woman of color. She is specifically examining how these relationships frame history as simultaneously portable, changeable, and pedagogically valuable.
Congratulations to the Garrison and Glover Scholarship Award Winners!
The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures is pleased to announce the Winter 2016 recipients of the Garnet R. Garrison Scholarship for Honors and The Alice Webber Glover Scholarship Award.

The Garnet R. Garrison Scholarship for Honors
Andrew Day

The Alice Webber Glover Scholarship Award
Abigail Buchmeyer
Rachel Banks
Jayne Shahmirzadi
Savannah Birnbaum
Ava Burnham
Billy Offer
Emily Browning
Logan Gardner
Anita Koltun

Congratulations to all of the recipients! 
SAC Alum Writes Episode of House of Cards, Season 4
SAC Alum Tian Jun Gu ('11) is the talent behind Season 4, Episode 11's (Chapter 50) House of Cards. Premiering on Netflix on March 4th, Season 4 has already claimed its share of binge-watchers -- including The Atlantic's Spencer Kornhaber, who, in his article, "House of Cards Season 4, Episode 11: The Live Binge Review," defines Gu's intent: "[...] the underlying principle of the episode is inarguable: Human connection matters." If you are among the binge watchers and have already experienced the dramatic tension in episode 11, read the full article here
Fun Facts about Oscar Winners Visiting SAC's Screenwriting Program
When Tom McCarthy won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Spotlight this year, he became the Screenwriting Program's 8th visiting artist to win for either Best Original or Best Adapted Screenplay. Four of those screenplays, including Spotlight, would result in Best Picture Awards as well. In sum, 18 visiting artists have been nominated for one or more Screenwriting Academy Awards. Check out the entire list here. 
Media Scholars Meet in Atlanta for Annual SCMS Conference 
The SCMS annual conference provides a forum for scholars and teachers of film and media studies to present and hear new research; it promotes a supportive environment for networking, mentoring, and collaboration among scholars otherwise separated by distance, language, or disciplinary boundaries; and it promotes the field of cinema and media studies among its practitioners, to other disciplines, and to the public at large, in part through public recognition of award worthy achievements and other significant milestones within the field.

Look for the SCMS Special Edition of the SAC Newsletter (coming soon!) for a complete schedule of SAC presentations and faculty/student involvement in this conference.