April 14, 2020
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Susie Grynol speaks out re COVID-19
OTTAWA — Canadian Lodging News touched base with Susie Grynol, president of the Hotel Association of Canada, on a wide range of subjects related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on Canadian hotels.
How New Castle is responding to coronavirus
HALIFAX, RIDGEFIELD, Conn. — New Castle Hotels & Resorts (NCH) is among countless small businesses across this nation and the world that have experienced a rapid and steep decline in business as a result of the coronavirus health epidemic. Here's how the company and its 18 properties have responded to the panedemic.
Standard protocols essential during a pandemic
NEW YORK — Most hotels don’t have a playbook for how to pause operations or recommission properties after a partial or temporary closure. An operating platform called Alice offers ways to bring order and standardization to hotel operations. And there's a free version to help hotels cope with COVID-19.
Social distancing and rethinking service delivery
Once hotels start to resume operations, they may want to rethink service delivery, notes Peter Mitham. This could mean leveraging technology to limit face-to-face interactions with guests, or reducing seat counts in breakfast areas, lounges and restaurants to prevent the potential for disease to spread.  
Hotels and their lenders during COVID-19
If we learned anything from the financial crisis, it was that communicating with your lending institution is essential during these difficult times, say Steve Hedington and Salim Gulamani of Clifton Blake Asset Management.
Why guest screening is essential in COVID-19
COVID-19 brings new threats to hotels. The low average daily rates caused by the virus tend to attract high-risk guests or those looking to exploit hoteliers. To stay protected during these uncertain times, it’s crucial to find out who you’re hosting.
Toronto paints the town purple... and more
Toronto paints the town purple. Blue Mountain's retro pond skim goes virtual. Home Inn Express Medicine Hat welcomes front line. A new home for Centennial's food. Westin and Sutton Place Edmonton light up with valentines.
Freitag: Base occupancy "surprisingly strong"
HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — Amid all the depressing statistics about Canadian hotel performance, Jan Freitag, senior vice-president Lodging Insights, for STR, reported that the base occupancy in Canada was “surprisingly strong.”
STR results for Canada week ending Apr. 4
HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — The shocking statistics just keep rolling in. This week saw overall occupancy in Canadian hotels down 79.0 per cent to 12.8 per cent. Quebec hotels saw the worst declines.
Ingrid Jarrett: Not one area in B.C. unscathed
VANCOUVER — "Not one area in British Columbia has been left unscathed by COVID-19," Jarrett told CLN. "Our city centres are empty – our rural highways are empty – and hotels around the province are open to support the supply chain, essential workers and returning Canadians to ensure isolation is available." 
COMING EVENTS update April 14, 2020
It could be a very busy fall as spring conference dates are rescheduled due to COVID-19. Read about upcoming conferences and trade shows across Canada and North America, including new dates for conferences that have been postponed. 
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