Daydreams & Day Jobs :: Full Moon Virgo
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Daydreams & Day Jobs ::
Full Moon Virgo

Sunday, March 12
7:54 a.m. PST/10:54 a.m. EST
22 deg Virgo

  • Opposite Sun conjunct Chiron, Athena, & Mercury
  • Moon square Saturn
  • Moon trine Pluto
Many people have a resistance to Virgo energy, myself included. I easily get bored with the routine and day-to-day aspects of living and organization where Virgo thrives (I also have Neptune in the 6th house ruled by Virgo). However, with all the Pisces energy (Sun, Chiron, Athena, Mercury, and Neptune) there can be a tendency to be in daydreams, fantasies, or illusions instead of working hard at our day jobs.

This full moon may be a reminder of how much we need to come back to Earth and how to bring more order to our lives through routine or habits. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, wants to analyze and categorize in order to understand but also as a way of making things real.

Squaring Saturn can also be a harsh reality check around working hard and showing us the places we haven’t committed to our vision. The trine with Pluto offers a harmonious transition into harnessing this rebirth back on Earth.

The Moon opposite Sun, Athena, Chiron, and Mercury are a wake-up call of bringing awareness to the parts of us that don’t want to stay grounded because it may feel disorienting (Athena needs a mission), confusing (Mercury), overwhelming (Neptune), or painful (Chiron). Pisces prefers the daydream to the day job forgetting its necessary part of our transformation (Pluto). I’ve certainly learned this the hard way over the years, making transitions or being unreasonable about where I wanted to be and where I was…and I have Virgo with a dose of Saturn to help.

This full moon, perhaps focus on writing a plan to match your vision or making a to-do list of all the actions you can take. Notice where you haven’t taken yourself seriously (Saturn) and perhaps take a deep dive into what needs to be released (Pluto) for you to move forward. Perhaps re-commit to creating daily habits that will move your closer to your goals. Be willing to look at the unpleasant shadows of the current situation and admit where your day-to-day life isn’t supporting where you want to be.
If you've ever had a reading with me you know I love asteroids. They add an important, subtle energy to charts that I just can't resist.
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