Restless in Reality: Capricorn Full Moon & Karmic Lunar Nodes
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Restless in Reality

 The Capricorn Full Moon was today, Tuesday, July 19 at 3:57 p.m. PST and will be brightest tonight!

Though the moon is in structured Capricorn, it's a wild one squaring both Uranus and Lilith trining Mars.
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In myself I've noticed themes of working toward becoming more of my own emotional authority and feeling restless for the next phase. Saturn rules Capricorn and the vast Earthly realms of commitment, structure, and also mastery. In short, it helps things become manifest in the material realm. Squaring Uranus it frees us from outdated  things that may be holding us back. It can be jarring, though if we trust our instinctual wisdom of Lilith, we will find right action (Mars) and come back into flow (Cancer sun).
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