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Positive Development
Younes Benkhdim

Freemuse is pleased to hear about the release of Moroccan street theatre artist Younes Benkhdim.
Benkhdim was released on 30 January after his interview with the prosecutor. Benkdhim was arrested in Morocco on charges of “illegal assembly” and “disturbance of public order” in “a state of inebriation” (a claim the artist denies).
the Turkish authorities to release detained members of Grup Yorum
Music band Grup Yorum’s members have been on death fast in response to the restrictions to their freedom of artistic expression.
world leaders to respect UNESCO’s convention to prevent threats to cultural sites 
US President Donald Trump has threatened to attack cultural sites in Iran. The Pentagon has quashed these threats as they are prohibited under “the laws of armed conflicted”.
Gallery of Censored Art
This month we introduce you to the Gallery of Censored Art. The gallery aims to reclaim the space for artists that has been lost through various means of censorship. The newest addition feature works from painter Suzana Stojadinovic and visual artist Rebecca Goyette.  
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Bangladeshi folk singer Shariat Sarker was arrested in Tangail because of the case filed an Imam under Digital Security Act. The case claimed as claiming that Shariat Sarker’s performance held in Dhaka on 24 December 2019 had hurt the Islamic religious sentiment.
The artists were attacked while performing on stage at the Riyadh Season festival. The motivation for this attack is unclear. The assault is believed to be the first since Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has eased social restrictions and promoted entertainment that was previously banned. 
Freemuse has now a presence in Brussels as part of our effort to raise the profile of artistic freedom in Europe supported by Swedish Postcode Foundation. Our work gathers speed as the EU announced its new mandate to new MEPs and new President of the European Commission. 
reemuse's latest report Security, Creativity, Tolerance and their Co-existence: The New European Agenda on Freedom of Artistic Expression outlines how European governments carry the legal responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil obligations to artistic freedom.
he report was launched during the event The State of Artistic Freedom in Europe: Towards a New Agenda on Freedom of Artistic Expression held on 21 January 2020 in the European Parliament in Brussels. MEPs Domènec Ruiz Devesa and Julie Ward hosted the launch.
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