Artist arbitrarily detained again
Art across borders
Suzana Stojadinović

Freemuse spoke with the Serbian painter on her experience of cancelled exhibition due to cross border issues.
The exhibition of the Suzana Stojadinović scheduled to be open in Mitrovica at the Gallery of the Serbian Faculty of Arts was cancelled because the artist was not allowed to bring her artworks across the border. 
welcomes Grup Yourm's guitarist İbrahim Gökçek’s release
Freemuse and P24 are pleased to learn that Grup Yorum guitarist İbrahim Gökçek has been released from prison on the 252nd day of his death fast due to his health condition.
continues to call for the release of Peacock Generation troupe from Insein Prison
Three members of Peacock Generation have been convicted and sentenced to six months in prison on the charge of “online defamation” for distributing their performances on Social Media channels.
Gallery of Censored Art
This month we introduce you to the Gallery of Censored Art. The gallery aims to reclaim the space for artists that has been lost through various means of censorship. The newest addition feature works from painter Suzana Stojadinovic and visual artist Rebecca Goyette.  
Pussy Riot members arrested in Russia because of an LGBTI video
Nadya Tolokonnikova and 12 other members of the Pussy Riot were released from detention after being arrested during the photoshoot of a new video about LGBTI issues.
Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara arbitrarily detained again in Cuba
Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara was released after police detained him near his girlfriend Claudia Genlui Hidalgo’s home. Alcántara had planned to accompany Hidalgo to the José Marti Airport in La Habana as she intended to depart for a work trip
Freemuse has now a presence in Brussels as part of our effort to raise the profile of artistic freedom in Europe supported by Swedish Postcode Foundation. Our work gathers speed as the EU announced its new mandate to new MEPs and new President of the European Commission. 
reemuse's latest report Security, Creativity, Tolerance and their Co-existence: The New European Agenda on Freedom of Artistic Expression outlines how European governments carry the legal responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil obligations to artistic freedom.
Read more about the Europe Project and its activities here.
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