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November 2016 Newsletter

2017 Rally - Queens birthday weekend  - Wanaka
2016 NZAWA Executive Committee

Julie Bubb

Elizabeth Hogarth
Lynn Holland

Pip Schofield 
Bianca Barbarich-Bacher
Ann Fosberry
Erin Spencer 

Rhona Fraser 

Scholarship and Project Fund Trustees:
Edith Robinson
Dee Bond
Judith Grant 

Newsletter Editor:
Minou van Vliet
Enya McPherson

Library and Archives Committee:
Pam Collings
Sue Telford
Pat Campbell
Bernice Hintz 

New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation
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President Report November 2016

It’s certainly been busy since I last put a report in the newsletter.
 Recently the NZAWA Executive held a meeting at my place. I believe we achieved a lot with a little fun thrown in as well. We missed Pip (who was flying to Cairns) and Bianca who had enforced stopovers (due to bad weather) flying back from her Instructors course in Invercargill.
The main points coming out of the meeting are that we decided on future Rallies- following the Wanaka Rally – 2017, Whitianga- 2018, We are positive about a central location – 2019
While the website has been upgraded recently and has been vastly improved, we are going to have more work done on it to make it much more user- friendly. We believe it is a really important promotional tool.
I had a call from Neroli Henwood with an invitation to hold a Rally at Te Kowhai Airfield (just north west of Hamilton).  The airfield recently changed ownership and the new owners are keen to promote it. We decided that we would have a regional fly in there in January. It is really promising to have had 2 invitations to host rallies in the last few months.
The 80th anniversary of Jean Batten’s historic record breaking flight from England to Auckland has caused a flurry of activity. I hope you were able to listen to the National Radio interview with Jan Chisum and Frances Barnes. Thanks so much to Jan and Frances for stepping up to the challenge and for the fascinating insight into early aviation.  I also had an interview on the actual anniversary of Jean’s landing in Auckland. As part of the interview, they broadcast Jean’s actual speech which was so interesting as well as commentary on her landing.
It was great to go to the Jean Batten Show held at Motat in early October. Alex Ellis is a very talented actress and what made it extra special was the stunning backdrop, in amongst all the historical planes in the Aviation Hall. Thanks to all the NZAWA girls who came along.
I hope you have been able to see the Jean Batten movie with our very own Jan Chisum, starring in some of the flying parts.
Our honorary member Malcolm Campbell (and Joan), called in recently and asked me to proof read his writings on capturing the history of the Te Aroha Airfield. I learnt to fly there and was delighted to be asked to do this task. It is so good to record our aviation history and I have enjoyed learning many new interesting facts about this area.
Congratulations to our Past President Sue Telford, for achieving a B Category Instructor Rating. We also congratulate Bianca Barbarich-Bacher for passing her C Category Instructor Rating.
We do want to hear from you if you have any achievements such as Sue and Bianca – so whether you have flown your first solo or got new ratings or an exciting event in your life we would like to put it into a Snippet Section in the Newsletter.

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe Christmas and all the very best for coming New Year 

Safe flying girls!

Secretary Report - Elizabeth Hogarth

A warm welcome to new member Rachel Cullum whom you may come across instructing at Ardmore Flying School.

The last few months has been a great time to reminisce and celebrate the achievements of Jean Batten. We'd love to hear more about the achievements and activities of our current members so we can celebrate your success'. Whether it's a significant flight test, a new cross country route, a return to the air after a period on the ground or witnessing some significant weather that has kept you there please share it with us.

For those of you whom missed it on Facebook congratulations to Aimee Burn (CPL, IFR) Sue Telford (B-Cat) and Bianca Barbarich-Bacher (C-Cat). I'm am sure there are more we don't know about, please tell us.

Hours Awards. 
This is a great way to celebrate our members continued success' in Aviation. 
Hours awards are available for gliding, ballooning, parachuting and powered flight as per the milestones in your Handbook. All you have to do is email me for an application form and return with a photo of the latest tallied page of your log book. 
If you have never applied before bare in mind what your hours will be closer to June next year and apply before May 2017 for presentation at the Wanaka Rally 2017.

From the Editors

We hope you all have had a wonderful couple of months! The weather is finally looking up, bring on summer! Minou passed her C Category Flight Instructor test, a huge congratulations to her!! 
I am excited to have got a full time job at Auckland City Hospital Radiology Department and hope to get back into some more flying in the New Year. Take care over the busy silly season and we will see you all in the new year!

We are always on the lookout for any articles to be included in the newsletter so if you have any flying events or celebrations you would like to share with us, please let us know!
As mentioned at the AGM we are now sending the newsletter through the secretary which has been going well so far. If you are still having trouble receiving the newsletter please contact us at or email Elizabeth Hogarth at

Happy Flying,

Enya & Minou

From Left: Minou Van Vilet, Caithlin Botha and Georgie Johnston
Right: Enya summits Mt Pauanui over Labour Weekend
Sarah Colliver 

Since becoming an Instructor for the Feilding Flying Club life has been particularly full to say the least. I thought taking a day out of my usual family routine would be easy and I would get to do what I enjoy most, and that is fly! Technically that is what has happened, although some in the family have taken some time to adjust to mum being out a bit more than before.
 It has been a great way to put something back into the community too. Recently we invited the local homeschoolers 12plus group ( 12yrs and above) to come and have a trial flight. We also decided to throw in some education too, so that hopefully they went home having learnt something and, with a huge grin on their faces. Some of these children have never been in a plane and knew very little about aviation.  We had two groups of six children spread out over two Fridays. Unfortunately there was only one girl among them, which I found very disappointing. On each day we split the group into two again and sent half out to learn about a pre-flight inspection, while the other half came with me and we looked very basically at ‘effects of control’ and how lift is generated. The groups then swapped over and we went through it all again. Then the flying began. One of the things that never ceases to give me a thrill is seeing that look of amazement, delight and pure sense of achievement when someone realises what they have done in taking the controls for the first time. It’s magic!

This gave me the encouragement to approach the local Boy’s and Girl’s Rally groups to see if they wanted someone to help them in attaining their Airman’s badge. The leader’s were absolutely delighted, as they hadn’t known anyone get it before. So this week I went in to do the level one and next time we will work on their level two. I wondered how the girls would enjoy it, but I have to say we had a ball. Part of the badge is looking at careers for pilots, and while I was demonstrating something with some of the girls in the kitchen, my daughter Hannah took it upon herself to keep the others busy by asking them about what kind of pilot they would be. This really struck me as I am sure that most of the girls would not have even considered aviation a viable option other than perhaps an ‘air hostess’. I believe we left there that evening after giving perhaps just a few a bigger vision of what is out there.

I am now looking forward to next week!

Air NZ flies inaugural all-female crew in honour of Jean Batten!

Since discovering trikes in 2010 Faye Blainey has now flown over 1000 hours in these wonderfully fun aircraft!
Top: A huge congratulations to Aimee Burn on completing her CPL and IFR rating!
Bottom Left: A huge congratulations to Bianca Barbarich Bacher on completing her C-Category Instructor Rating.
Bottom Right:  A huge congratulations to Minou van Vliet on completing her C-Category Instructor Rating.

Wanaka Rally 2017

Set for Queens Birthday weekend in WANAKA.

Arrive Friday 2 June and depart Monday 5 June 2017.

The theme is STARS.

Stars are prominent down here in the deep South.  We have NASA involvement, Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights), Wanaka features ‘Stars in your Eyes’, Star Wars future feature of Warbirds over Wanaka (Sue’s idea), Tekapo Observatory, Mt Cook Aoraki Star gazing, Hitcher hikers guide to the galaxy – 42. Best I stop there as the imagination is getting the best of me.

This year our organisers are:
Sue Telford, Pam Adams, Mandy Deans, Erin Spencer, Paula Jackson.
Ann Fosberry is our Executive Coordinator.
With cameo appearances of Kerry Connor and Kylie Krippner.
Between us all we should arrange a fun filled event.

The schedule will be along the lines of the standard itinerary including a guest speaker, air competitions, theme Saturday evening, AGM Sunday morning, formal Sunday evening and a farewell breakfast on the Monday morning.

The weather gods will be with us and mountain flying is compulsory.

Request leave and diary this event for your 2017 schedule. We shall update you regularly.

If you wish to sponsor an event at this Rally please email NZAWA now with subject title “Sponsorship NZAWA Rally – attention Sue Telford”.


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A vintage Air Rally to Cape town, recreating the pioneering age of African Aviation in the 1920s.
There will be 15 vintage aeroplanes (built before the end of 1949) plus a support fleet of modern aircraft's/helicopters taking part in this 36 day endeavour.
For more information see: or email


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