What's New at the View, Summer 2016
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We have so many great new things at Lakeview this year, we decided the best way to share it with you is by way of photo essay. Enjoy!
Our new signage reminds us what it's all about.
Check out our super cool new skate park.
This was donated to us by Gateway Church.
Indoor pool parties just got better. Come sit and stay awhile!
We're sorry if this picture makes you hungry, but we want you to know about our new pizza oven! Just another bit of variety to help continue making Lakeview mealtimes a delightful experience.
Our new dining hall decor is fab. 
Those photos. Those benches. Lakeview Camp is fancy!
Because who doesn't love a kayak?
Revolution is a lake inflatable that's a 16'5" teeter-totter for water. Turn it over, and Revolution becomes a huge slide and climbing wall. Two words: Good. Times.
What's better than a lake blob? Two lake blobs! Our new expanded blob tower with spiral staircase makes lake time for campers twice the fun!
Sometimes it's nice to sit in the outdoor pavilion and look at the lake. So we got new picnic tables. 
KanJam is a 2-on-2 flying disc game. Score points when you throw the disc and your partner deflects it onto or into the goal. Throw the disc directly into the goal with no help from your partner and win instantly. Clearly, our Lakeview KanJam models were just showing's harder than you think!
You can't say something is "the new camp craze" and not soon find it at Lakeview. Introducing, our newest activity - Crate Stacking! 

The objective of this game is to stack as many upside-down plastic milk crates as possible and stand on the top. Stackers rest their feet in the handle holes of the milk crates, and the challenge is to place the next crate and transfer footings without losing balance and blowing the stack. Or, you can stack 2 crates on each level (as seen by our crack team of crate stacking experts) and climb upward that way.

Players are in a harness and are belayed for safety. Crates are tossed to the stacker when the stack is low, and then ferried by a rope on a pulley when the stack is high. When the stack inevitably blows, the stacker is held aloft as the milk crates scatter asunder. It’s fun!

The highest stack of crates climbed is 41.79 feet, completed by Christof Riesenhuber in Nußbach, Austria. It took Christof just  8 minutes and 19 seconds to finish. Come to camp; give it a try!
Horseshoes, ping pong, Jenga XL, a mud pit...this email could go on and on and on! Not pictured, but still awesome: human foosball, polish horseshoes, lake slide, Yellow Rose and Longhorn dining room decor, and new outdoor seating at the Oasis.
Come check out the updates we've made to the camp store, too! It's a good-looking place with good-looking products like these! And if you can't make it over for an on-site visit, you can check out our online store, which offers camper gift cards that can be hand-delivered by our hosting team.
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