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2014 Luma Services Progress Report

Luma Services made great progress towards our 2014 objectives during the first quarter of the year.  We know that our progress and success is only possible because of you. You are top talent. You are professionals with integrity and commitment.  We are proud to be working with you.
Internal processes:  Several enhancements and updates to infrastructure and brand strategy were made during 1Q14.  In fact, if you haven’t seen our web site lately, we invite you to take a look and enjoy the updated content, images, navigation and our favorite enhancement: Consultant TestimonialsFor those of you who have not yet provided a testimonial and would like to do so, please forward your comments to when you are moved to do so.  We will be happy to add your experience and proud to show the world that you chose to work with Luma Services.

Client Updates:  We are working with two significant companies addressing specific needs to be addressed 2nd quarter and beyond.  We have staged business with a significant insurance company for project support beginning the last quarter of 2014 when a key project will be launched.  And, we are meeting this month with the VP of PMO and Business Analysts at a premier financial institution.   So, keep your referrals coming!  We continue to build our pool of top talent so that when clients have needs, we can provide them with the best! (We are happy to share details with all of you in person.)

Consultant updates: We expanded our footprint and/or enjoyed repeat business with our existing client base to include CoreLink, Gavilon and two new divisions within Lincoln Financial Group.  Welcome (welcome back where appropriate) Linda Bunger, Sean Harding, Heidi Hoke, Dan Holke, and Cindy Schnittgrund!
Last but not least, we wish to thank Carol Novich for all of her support during this past quarter There are a lot of moving parts associated with growth and her support has been invaluable!  

Another tax season is upon us, which means everyone is cleaning up his/her records and, perhaps updating some of your business practices.  To help with 2014, we highly recommend that each of you obtain a copy of the book, Lower Your Taxes Big Time 2013-2014 5/E. 

Don’t miss out any of the tax saving opportunities that business owners with home offices can take advantage of this year.  You work hard and we want you to enjoy as much of your income as legally possible!

Meeting Facilitation

We do hope that everyone attending the facilitation and BPM tools training enjoyed the session provided by Angela Wick at last quarter's TGITF session.  

We appreciate that being an effective facilitator is a key competency for any consultant.  So, please visit our “Facilitator Tips & Tools” page where you find some tips and a recap of many of the tools shared in the training.
Mark Your Calendars:

April Social:  The votes are in and we will be meeting over the lunch hour on Friday, April 25th at Salt 88. Details will be forwarded via email.

Second Quarter TGITF:  June 27th from 3:00p - 5:00p with dinner to follow for you and your guest.

Watch for 2Q Birthdays

  • Michelle Vorpahl, April 1st
  • Tina Miloni, April 5th
  • Tara Hyde, April 11th
  • Heidi Hoke, May 1st
  • Cindy Schnittgrund, May 11th
  • Dan Holke, May 14th
  • Paula Mau, May 17th
  • Tim Corcoran, May 31st
  • Sarah Rutledge, June 18th

Luma loves to celebrate your special day!


This quarter we send out a special "Thank you" to the following consultants reaching anniversary milestones working with Luma Services:
  • Michele Okon, 2 years, April 30th
  • Dale Grobeck, 1 year, May 1st
  • Tina Miloni, 1 year, May 13th
  • Michelle Huber, 2 years, May 14th
  • Linda Bunger, 1 year, May 20th
  • Sarah Rutledge, 1 year, June 3rd
  • Tara Hyde, 1 year, June 10th
  • Colette Reinhard, 1 year, June 10th
We appreciate the fact that you chose to work with Luma Services.  Find your gift options here.

Personal Brand Management Tips

Everyone working through Luma Services is a business owner with either an LLC, S Corp or Sole Proprietorship.  You are all working as independent consultants.  In simple terms, you work for yourselves, and that fact alone is very impressive.  Here are some simple ways to elevate your brand:
Signatures in client email:  First and foremost, follow the client’s requirements.  If and where it makes sense, reflect that you’re an independent consultant.  Don’t use the term “contractor” as it’s not accurate.  You are a consultant on a contract.

Michelle Vorpahl, JD
Independent Consultant - Luma Services
Mobile:  402-880-1221
Serving as Program Manager

LinkedIn profile:  If you own a company, list your company as your employer.  Your job title is whatever you want it to be.  Many people with LLC’s or S Corps use “President”.    If you are a sole proprietor, simply list “Independent Consultant”.  In the Summary section, provide an overview of your areas of expertise.  Take that extra step to include a professional looking headshot.  First impressions matter even on-line. 
Tip: To collect more “endorsement” counts, endorse others.  They will return the vote of confidence. 


First Quarter 2014 Life Balance Recipients:

Tracy Healy | Colette Reinhard (2) | Michele Okon (2) | Scott Thompson

Luma Services recognizes those consultants that bill 50+ hours for two consecutive weeks with Life Balance gifts.  We believe living a balanced life is important so the gifts are selected specifically to support and invite those working extended hours to take a break.

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