We've got so many exciting things happening, poetry-wise, that we thought we would send out a newsletter dedicated to poetry!

Recently we’ve been busy trying out new ways of sharing poetry with our readers. We’ve started posting videos to YouTube, have inaugurated a “Poet of the Week” series on our website, and have made many of our most recent poetry books available to buy in PDF format, for those who would like to read on screen. All this on top of publishing a handful of new, beautifully designed and produced paperback poetry books.

If you are already a poetry fan, I hope you will find something in this newsletter to pique your interest. If you don’t usually read poetry perhaps now is the time to give it a go!
Poet of the week - a new series on our website

I’m always fascinated by the stories behind poems, and love hearing about how individual poets approach their work. So I am really enjoying the new “Poet of the Week” series on the Two Rivers Press blog. Each post provides a short biographical introduction, a couple of poems, and a few paragraphs from the poet explaining their particular approach to poetry. So far, the series covers Kate Behrens, James Peake, and Claire Dyer. You can read more here.

Highly recommended!
Two new poetry books

This month we publish two new poetry books: Just a Moment from Ian House, and Two Girls and a Beehive from Rosie Jackson and Graham Burchell. If you managed to get along to the March and April Poets’ Café events, you will have been lucky enough to hear Ian, Rosie and Graham reading from their new collections. If you missed that, you can view videos from Graham and Rosie on our YouTube page here.

Two Girls and a Beehive
 offers a minutely observed exploration of the life and work of visionary artist Stanley Spencer and his first wife, Hilda Carline. Inspired by paintings, letters, personal and social history, these poems illuminate Spencer’s creative legacy and engage the reader with the contradictory beatitudes of his art.

“I read this with exhilaration and pleasure: a marvellous act of dual authorship by two poets at the top of their game. Something magical happens in these pages.” ~ David Morley

Life is change and life is various. The new poems in Ian House’s Just a Moment consistently probe the transformations wrought by aging and by creation but their subjects range from Wallace Stevens’s guitar to a child drawing, from a medieval monk cataloguing saints’ bones to Ovid’s violent and sexual Metamorphoses. A central sequence explores the nature of art through the paintings of Paul Nash.

"Ian House’s New and Selected is full of wry, thoughtful, fine lyric poetry. It concerns itself with absence and elusiveness, age and mortality but is itself never elusive or lacking in vigour. It is full of anger, passion and hope. His poetic voice is fluent and full of resounding clarity." ~ Sasha Dugdale

“…these are poems of great technical skill which balance form and content extremely thoughtfully … in taking a lifelong engagement with visual and literary art as inspiration, Ian House has created his own, quite astonishing, works of art.” ~ Chris Edgoose,

“the poem must create an unequivocal realm: the reader can enter it or stay outside it, but I must be sure of it” ~ Kate Behrens

A new poem from Kate Behrens


Creativity feeds in shadow,

Below the plumbline
of a thinking mind.

So you feel down for it.
Loneliness is all you find.

It climbs into your lap,
breathes out anomalies:

a chimera with humid bumpy skin.
This creature weighs a ton.

Creativityʼs weightless.
Its cradle is sure feeling

rocked by currents through negative spaces.

Other recently published poetry books

The Dancers of Colbek - William Bedford

“Bedford makes the past fully present in this clear, resonant and thoroughly engaging book” ~ Stephen Claughton, in London Grip Poetry Review

English Martyrs - Conor Carville

"The unstoppable flow of pop culture into mental life – that great tide of images and derivatives, echoes and borrowings, gains and losses, treasures and trash – is a serious and ongoing subject for poetry… The disposable has almost conquered the internal, and Carville’s achievement is to show us this in poems that are by turns vivid, horrifying, clever, funny and visionary." ~ James Peake in Dublin Review of Books

Bonjour Mr Inshaw: Poems by Peter Robinson, Paintings by David Inshaw.

“The stillness of Inshaw’s focus upon more than the moment is complimented by the way in which Peter Robinson’s poems note the depth of the present’s conversation with the past” ~ Ian Brinton, Tears in the Fence

More information on these can be found on the website here.
Conor Carville is one of the poets who has recorded a video for our YouTube channel, along with Graham Burchell, Rosie Jackson, Steven Matthews and Kate Behrens. View them here.

Our online bookshop is open, and we would be delighted to pop a book into the post for you!

Or, as an alternative, you might be interested in buying a PDF edition of one of our new poetry books, either for yourself or for a friend, which can be downloaded and read within a few hours of purchase (as soon as we see the order and send you the link!). If you are buying for a friend please add the friend’s email address and any personal message in the “notes” section in the shopping basket and we will do the rest.
A final thought…

If walking is more to your taste than poetry (or maybe you enjoy both!) - and if you are exploring some of the quieter parts of town for your permitted daily exercise, get some inspiration from Rural Reading – a pocket-sized book which chronicles the wildlife which can be encountered in the green spaces around town.
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