Two new videos, a magazine full of stories, lots of photos and more – to celebrate 40 years of the TU and tenants' struggle!
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Drawing on the past, taking on the future!

Last week the Tenants' Union turned 40! Four decades of working for tenants rights and housing justice is no mean feat. Together with thousands of tenants and supporters, the TU has achieved real gains in law reform, advised hundreds of thousands of tenants, established a network of advice services, positively influenced government policy, and actively contributed to public debate. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but we've maintained our commitment and long-term vision of a secure, liveable and affordable renting system. To celebrate our 40th, we have just released two new videos: We'd love you to watch these videos and share them far and wide...
My House My Home: 40 Years of the Tenants' Union of NSW
My House, My Home: 40 years of the Tenants' Union (24 mins)
Watch now
My House My Home - View from Macquarie Street
Views from Macquarie Street: MPs speak about renting and the TU (3 mins)
Watch now

House and home – forum and party

We also celebrated our 40th with a forum and party – House and home: Looking back, looking forward. Over 150 people came along and showed their commitment to the TU and renters' rights, including tenants and supporters. The opening address was given by the Minister Responsible for Fair Trading, Victor Dominello MP and the keynote speaker was Professor Keith Jacobs from the Uni of Tasmania. Download Prof Jacobs' slides here.

Also in attendance were a number of other policy workers and politicians, including Jo Haylen MP, and Fred Nile MLC. The event was brilliantly chaired by Zoe Norton Lodge, and entertainment was provided by the Agents of Change social housing tenants' group, and Lady Sings it Better. The highly-informative panel discussion included Dr Dallas Rogers and Dr Emma Power, both from Western Sydney Uni. Thanks to everyone who came along – it was a great event! Check out the photos...

Tenant News – 40th anniversary edition

This special edition of our printed magazine celebrates the hard work and achievements of the TU and the tenants rights movement in NSW. It also takes a clear-eyed view of what still needs to be done. There are dozens of stories about tenants' struggles over the last 40 years, many written by direct participants.

We've printed 3,500 copies and we'll be mailing them shortly – look out for yours if you're on our postal list. If you'd like a copy (or many), please email us. Copies are free for tenants and community workers! Please help out by giving Tenant News to other tenants, community workers and clients.
Here are some of the stories in this issue of Tenant News...

Stories from 40 years of advocacy

"Late one evening one of my clients who lived in a country town was told by his neighbour that she’d just overheard a phone conversation, and his landlord was coming next morning to demolish his house!" Read more

Drawing on the past, taking on the future

"The TU is working towards a society where low-income households can access secure, liveable and affordable rental housing. In the mean time we'll make a positive differene to the lives of renters in NSW." Read more

Life begins at 40!

"Congrautlations to the TU! Today we are a nationally accredited community legal centre, registered training organisation, policy think tank and authoritative source of information for tenants." Read more

Mary Perkins' story

"The TU was located in the old Uniting Church building – it was pretty rough and tumble... on Friday nights we had to pack up our desks and put all of the papers away so they could have church on Sunday." Read more

Jen Rignold's story

"I live in the social housing estate in Airds/Bradbury. My estate is undergoing redevelopment with some properties being upgraded and others being demolished to allow building of private dwellings..." Read more

Shining a light on tenants' rights

"In the early 1980s I was a community worker at the Community Youth Support Scheme, where housing and tenancy were significant problems for those living on low fixed incomes." Read more

Fighting evictions in residential parks

"In 1990 I bought a manufactured home in a residential park. I knew there was an element of risk in becoming the owner of an ‘affordable’ house located on land owned by someone else. I did not know..." Read more

The importance of a secure home

"Having always lived in rented accommodation we have seen great changes. Once upon a time there was no need to sign a lease, no bonds, landlords did not come to inspect the property, and..." Read more

Lyn Bullman's story

"I live in a three-bedroom house in Eaglevale. I rent my home from the Department of Family and Community Services. Back in 2003 I was in a spot of bother and Housing was trying to evict me..." Read more

Litigation: We been everywhere!

"I became interested in the TU as a tenant. Then I was a volunteer at the Redfern Legal Centre and was exposed to tenancy issues... after I finished College of Law I was convinced that I never wanted to practise!" Read more

A strong voice for tenants

"My first involvement with tenancy issues was not long after I became a public / social housing tenant. I realised there was a culture within housing at the time, which implied that tenants should 'Shut up & be grateful.'" More

Tenants' struggles timeline

Over the last few months, we've posted a series of 40 historical highlights on Facebook. In this edition of Tenant News, we've turned those highlights into a timeline throughout the magazine, which traces the history of the TU and tenants' movements in NSW. From the first TU volunteers, to the squatters and the Green Bans of the 1980s, to the defunding and refunding of Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Services, it's an amazing and colourful history!
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