You deserve... More Bang For Your Bond! Also, Family Feud, the fake photo scandal, and the tenants of Welfare Street.
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The Tenants' Union and the network of Tenants' Advice & Advocacy Services are proud to announce the launch of the More Bang for Your Bond campaign!

The time has come! You deserve...

Did you know?

Tenants' Advice & Advocacy Services help tenants to keep their homes. During the course of a 6-month project undertaken by 15 TAASs, there were 516 tenancies at risk of termination. As a result of the advice and advocacy provided by skilled advocates, homelessness was averted in a staggering 424 cases, or 82%!

Tenants Advice & Advocacy Services are funded from interest on tenants' money - primarily, tenants' bonds lodged at the Rental Bond Board.

There is currently a surplus in the bond interest fund, yet tenants' services have not had a real increase in funding since 2002.

Safe, secure housing is a basic need, and fundamentally important to people living with disadvantage. Other forms of social support are not as effective without this bedrock. Affordable housing consistently ranks as the highest need in state and national community sector surveys and consultations.

Help us spread the word!

We need you to support the campaign to release more of tenants' funds for tenants' services. Here's what you can do:
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The More Bang For Your Bond campaign has already had a number of successes: 400 followers on Facebook, hundreds of likes and shares, and last Friday, the New England and Western Tenants' Advice & Advocacy Service asked the Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall, for his support - and he said yes!

Join the campaign by ticking the box to receive More Bang for Your Bond campaign updates and together we can achieve even more.

In other news...

At the Tenants' Union, we consider Land Tax to be the fairest tax on earth, so we were amused to discover recently that the 'No Land Tax' group uses fake photos of 'supporters' on its website. The Sydney Morning Herald subsequently took up the story.

On Survival Day, we explored the historical influences that shaped the Aboriginal Housing sector in NSW, and some of the challenges it faces today, from dispossession and displacement to eviction without grounds.

We were also pleased to see support for the commonsense idea that tenants shouldn't be evicted for no reason, by the Family Feud game show!

And finally, check out the news from the tenants of Welfare Street, Homebush West. Their houses were sold out from under them, but there were angry scenes at the auctions and some of the tenants are digging in. They may be protected tenants.

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