Community support is growing for the Make Renting Fair campaign! We're going to Parliament and we need your help to spread the word.
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Unfair evictions hurt us all.

Make Renting Fair is a new community campaign calling on the NSW Government to protect renters from unfair evictions. We're at a Parliamentary Briefing next week at NSW Parliament House, and we need your support to spread the word!

Support is growing in the community

Over 80 organisations have signed on to Make Renting Fair, including community groups, unions and faith-based organisations. The campaign working group includes the Tenants’ Union of NSW, Ethnic Communities Council of NSW, Homelessness NSW, Inner West Tenants’ Advice Service, Newtown Neighbourhoud Centre, Shelter NSW, United Voice NSW, and the Uniting Social Justice Forum.

Over 500 people have already signed the campaign petition, and many Members of Parliament have expressed support.
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We're in Parliament next week!

Last year a statutory review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 identified short-term, insecure tenancy agreements as a major issue for renters in NSW. But unfortunately, the review recommended no change be made to provisions in the Act that allow landlords to end tenancies without a good reason. So we launched the the Make Renting Fair campaign!

The review did recommend some other changes to our renting laws, and amending legislation is likely be put to NSW Parliament soon. That means that now is a great time to let our elected representatives know that when these laws do change, they should Make Renting Fair.

Next week's Parliamentary briefing is hosted by MPs Jenny Leong (Newtown, Greens), Alex Greenwich (Sydney, Independent) and David Mehan (The Entrance, Labor) – each of whom made a submission during the review and argued that 'no-grounds' evictions should go. We need you to call or email your local MP, ask them to attend the Parliamentary Briefing and to support the Make Renting Fair campaign.
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"I wasn’t only losing my home, they were divorcing me from my community and all the people I’d formed relationships with where I had lived."

Claire had been living in her home on the coast north of Wollongong for six years when her landlord knocked on the door to tell her she had to move out. The flat is now advertised on AirBnB for $259 a night. Read Claire's story

The problem – unfair evictions

Currently renters in NSW can be evicted without being given a reason (a ‘no grounds’ termination). This means renters can – and do – get kicked out for things like asking for basic repairs or questioning a steep increase in the rent. Or simply because their landlord doesn’t like them. It also means many renters live in fear of losing their home and don’t ask for their legislated rights like maintenance or repairs.

When someone is evicted it hurts the whole community. Communities lose neighbours and friends. They lose workers, volunteers, community members.

The 2 million renters in NSW (many of whom are families with kids) face constant uncertainty upheaval due to the threat of unfair evictions. One in three renters are likely to have moved home in the last year, and almost 40% have moved three or more times in the past 5 years. Around a third of renters have experienced being forced to move, often facing significant personal, social & financial costs as a result. Vulnerable tenants – those on low incomes or with complex needs – are at a much higher risk of being evicted directly into homelessness.

"Anything else you’re trying to do in your life – you just have to put it on hold. Everything else stops while you try to work out where you'll be living."

Penny received a $100 per week rent increase notice which she thought was excessive. She tried to negotiate with the landlord. In response she received an email telling her she was being evicted. Read Penny's story

The solution – no eviction without a reason

The Make Renting Fair campaign is calling on the NSW Government to improve security for renters in NSW by requiring landlords to provide a good reason if they want to evict someone from their home. The provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act that allow for ‘no grounds’ evictions should be removed and replaced with an expanded list of ‘reasonable grounds’ for ending an agreement. This would require landlords to be transparent about their reasons for ending a tenancy, and give tenants the chance to challenge an unfair eviction.

Get involved and help Make Renting Fair

Your support will make a real difference right now! Find out more about the campaign at, read the renter stories and sign the petition. Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Call or email your local Member of Parliament and ask them to come to the Parliamentary Briefing next week and support Make Renting Fair.

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