Tenancy advice over the break, highlights from 2015 - 2016, Aboriginal artwork, share housing and repairs in long-term tenancies.
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Season’s greetings!

This is a time to celebrate and say thank you. It's been a massive year for us at the TU, check out this eight page summary we've put together: TU Annual Report Highlights.
Our achievements would not be possible without our supporters, members and donors. You have played a big part in our success this year. Thank you! 
We wish you all the very best for the festive season. May the new year be peaceful, happy and prosperous, with affordable and secure housing for all.

This painting, Burralgaa Walaay, by the Aboriginal artist Millmullian, was commissioned by the TU in 2015. The painting shows two Brolgas caring for their eggs in a nest that they built together. The Brolgas are celebrating the security and love in which they will nurture their future young. The five concentric circles represent the different locations where the Brolga’s may nest given the right conditions. The red arched lines represent the water and giver of life they need to provide for their young. To view the painting in more detail, see the back page of our Annual Report Highlights.

Tenancy advice over the holiday break

The Tenants’ Union Advice Line will be open to help with tenancy and occupancy rights. It will operate from Wednesday 21 December 2016 to Friday 6 January 2017 (except public holidays and weekends).

Call 1800 251 101 or 8117 3750

Outside of those dates, contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service for advice. You can find details for your local service at tenants.org.au along with lots of information and factsheets on tenants' rights.
The Tenants’ Union office will be closed from Friday 23 December 2016 and reopen on Wednesday 4 January 2017.
TU Annual Report 2015-2016 Highlights

More tenancy news and analysis

Take our share housing survey

Did you know many share house residents aren't covered by the same tenancy laws as other tenants? Many residents tell us they struggle with things like short eviction times and losing their bonds without reason. In order to get a better idea of the range of experiences and opinions we are running a survey for people who've lived in share housing in the last 5 years. It takes only 5 minutes and will help make sure share housing is fair for everyone. Take the survey here

Running repairs: the cost of longer term tenancies?

Recently we reported on a round table meeting convened by the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation to discuss options for longer term residential tenancies. One of the ideas that was kicked around at the round table was that if landlords agreed to offer longer term leases they should get something in return – for example, tenants taking on the responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the premises. We don't think tenants should give up their established right to repairs. A second aspect is the question of what kind of repairs tenants might be liable for in this scenario, and how exactly liability would be set out? Another example worth considering when talking about longer term tenancies and the possibility of shifting responsibility for repairs is 'protected tenancies'. Recently we spoke with John, a protected tenant who has been living in his home in Randwick since 1978. We asked him about his experience in a protected tenancy and the ongoing issues he has faced around repairs. Read more

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