A nation-wide conversation on renting has taken off after our new report revealed insecurity, poor-quality housing and discrimination.
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Everyone's talking about #RentinOz

National conversation explodes after release of our new report

The national conversation about life as a renter in Australia has absolutely exploded across media and social media in the last few days. The new hashtag #RentinOz was the top trend on Twitter on Thursday last week, viewed by over 1.7 million people, with thousands of tenants joining in and sharing their rental stories.
This fantastic action by tenants and their supporters was kicked off by the publication of Unsettled – a new national report of renting in Australia. The report was prepared by consumer advocates CHOICE, together with National Shelter and the National Association of Tenants’ Organisations (of which the Tenants' Union of NSW is an active member).

The report reveals the widespread fear and discrimination faced by renters.

Together with our partners, we worked hard to build the focus on this report, briefing numerous journalists, providing quotes and holding a press conference attended by multiple media outlets including all the major TV networks.
We achieved extensive national media coverage. Here are just a few examples:
But the really exciting part of this story has been the huge number of tenants who have successfully put #RentinOz on the agenda. If you haven't already, it's not too late to share something on social media – be it your story, a media article or a post from the Tenants' Union. Do it now – and don't forget to use the #RentinOz hashtag!
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But what's next?

The report and the #RentinOz response reveals what many of us know already: renting in Australia is broken. But at the Tenants' Union, we're working to fix it. And we need you to be part of our campaigns! One way you can be involved is to tell your story publicly. If you're willing to do so, please email us now. We're often approached by journalists and politicians, looking for real renters to explain what it's like out there. Your story could be about any part of renting – we'll take down some notes, keep your contact details on file, and get in touch when the time is right. The Review of the Residential Tenancies Act will soon come to an end. This will be an important time for political engagement, but that won't be the end – stay tuned for more ways to be involved in our campaigns.

Key findings from the Report:

Renters face insecurity, poor-quality housing, and discrimination

  • 83% of renters have no fixed-term lease or are on a lease of less than 12 months
  • 62% of people say they feel like they can’t ask for changes
  • 50% of renters report experiencing discrimination when applying for a property
  • 50% of renters worried about being listed on a residential tenancy database
  • 20% of renters experiencing leaking, flooding and issues with mould
  • 8% of renters are living in a property in need of urgent repairs
Click here to read the full Report
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TU Rent Tracker offers new insights

The latest issue of Rent Tracker has also been making waves in the last few weeks. It revealed that rents in Sydney are the most expensive they’ve ever been, with rent for new leases rising nearly 4% over the last year. This is in contrast to the story told by advertised rents which show much slower growth. Media reports included:
These pieces included some welcome discussion about supply not being the magic bullet for affordable renting. At the Tenants' Union we argue that it's not about supply and demand, but the type of supply and demand.

Rent Tracker is a publication produced by the Tenants' Union and brings together multiple sources of information, including rental bonds data from the Rent and Sales Report, in order to build a clearer picture of rent movements in NSW. Many similar industry publications rely solely on advertised rents to track the price of rent. The rent a landlord asks for is not necessarily the rent they get. The report gives a different view on the rents tenants are actually having to pay when they move home.
Click here to check out Rent Tracker

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