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Dear Dance Fremont Community,


We are so very excited that beginning June 22nd, we can again offer our intermediate/advanced adult open ballet classes in person to those comfortable with returning to the studio! This email details how we will ensure a safe in-person experience, including advance signup requirements. 

Although the COVID-19 situation has improved, we also know that not everyone may be vaccinated and that circumstances continue to change. We are committed to doing our part to protect you, your families, our staff, and the broader community. As such, please know that we have developed our current procedures described below based upon reviewing federal, state and county guidance. And it is our plan to continually monitor these sources and update the Dance Fremont community if we need to adapt our approach. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We also hope that you understand that, as a small nonprofit organization, we are trying to take an approach that optimizes protecting everyone’s health given the specific aspects of running a dance studio while being legally bound to abide by local policies. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a great summer! 

The most essential details regarding reopening have been shared below in bullet point form. Additional information continues below. 

Summer Open Ballet Class Schedule

All classes 10-11:30 am Pacific Time.
All individual classes require registration.
There are no drop-ins permitted for in-person class. 

Tuesdays: Karena Birk, in person
Wednesdays: Vivian Little, on Zoom
Thursdays: Leigh-Ann Cohen-Hafford, in person
Fridays: Chris Montoya, on Zoom
Saturdays: Chris Montoya, in person


Dancers may click here to register for both in-person and Zoom classes.
  • At this time, in-person class is limited to 15 dancers, without exception.
  • Registration for the week's classes will open at 8pm on Sunday evenings. We have chosen this time as it is the least likely for most of our students to have unavoidable conflicts. 
  • Due to community feedback around limited class sizes, in order to allow as many dancers as possible to participate, dancers may only register for one in-person class between 8pm Sunday evening and 8pm Monday evening. After 8pm Monday evening, you may register for additional class if space allows. This policy will remain in place as demand necessitates it, but will be reassessed on an ongoing basis. 
  • Similarly, Zoom class will continue to be offered throughout the summer depending on ongoing demand. There are no restrictions on how many Zoom classes you may take or when you may register for them!
  • Do not register for an in-person class and hold a place if you are not sure that you can attend it. If unexpected circumstances occur which necessitate canceling your class registration, do so by clicking the "Cancel" button in your confirmation email ASAP so that the space is available to another dancer and is not wasted.  

COVID-19 Requirements 

  • All dancers will be required to complete the Dancer Contract & liability waiver with their class registration, which you may read at the bottom of this email.
  • All dancers should arrive to the studio masked.
  • Where possible, dancers should arrive in their dance clothes to minimize use of the dressing rooms. 
  • When you register for class, you have the option to share your vaccination status and you may upload your vaccination record to us before your first class. You may also bring it to the studio in person for your first class.
  • Dancers who provide their completed vaccination record (2 weeks past final COVID-19 vaccine) will be permitted to dance without a mask and will be given a paper wristband to wear at the time of their entry, similarly to many fitness centers in the area.
  • Dancers who are not fully vaccinated and/or who do not provide a vaccination record will be required to wear a well-fitted mask covering the nose and mouth for the duration. There are no exceptions to this rule, and your instructor will not discuss this policy in the studio. 
  • Instructors/accompanists who have provided us with their completed vaccination record may choose not to wear a mask.
  • Any person may choose to continue to wear a mask to class, and in Dance Fremont's spirit of generosity and community, we ask you not to assume anyone's vaccination status or personal beliefs during this time of transition. 
Please continue to the end of this email for additional information on Dance Fremont's COVID-19 safety policies.

Class Cards & Payments

Zoom classes will remain on their current payment system. The following information pertains to in-person class:
  • If you have a class card purchased before the pandemic closure, these cards will be honored through the end of our 2021 summer session.
  • If you purchased a class card online for Zoom classes during the pandemic closure & have tracked your classes, show us your emailed receipt in the studio, tell us how many classes you have remaining, and we will write you a new physical card which expires 1 year from date of purchase.
  • If you need a new class card, you may purchase it in the studio in person using card, cash, or check.
  • We are committed to making dance accessible to as many people as we can. If you are currently unable to purchase a full price class card/single class, you may take class using our new pay-what-you-can Community Class Card. Let the front desk staff know that you’d like to use the community card, and the amount you would like to pay for your class. Suggested donation: 0-$18.
  • If you would like to contribute towards funding our Community Class Card, you may do so here or in person. All donations are tax-deductible, and contribute to making the dance world a more welcoming and equitable place for artists of all backgrounds.
Our Dancer Contract is copied below. Please continue reading beyond it if you would like to know additional information on Dance Fremont's COVID-19 safety precautions. We are thrilled to see you again at the studio soon! 

A Commitment to Protect Our Dance Community 



Dance Fremont is grateful for its staff and clients and wants to do its part to protect this important community. We are committed to continuing to monitor federal, state, and local guidance to adapt our plans and procedures.  

Current guidance recommends asking participants to (a) monitor their risk for being infected with COVID-19 and (b) take precautions to prevent transmission of COVID-19. In order to protect our community, in the first section of this contract we are asking you to review and sign this contract indicating that you will follow this guidance. We trust that you care about the staff, fellow dancers, and our community as much as we do and so we are really counting on everyone to adhere to these practices. 

Please also know that we at Dance Fremont are committed to following business guidance and procedures to protect our staff, you, and your families as well. We realize that we are still learning about COVID-19 and that there are risks to a small organization opening back up. As such, we are also asking participants to sign a release of liability and assumption of risk related to COVID-19 to help us protect our organization. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this new phase. We are part of Dance Fremont because we believe in building a supportive dance community, and we are grateful to have you part of this community. 

Personal Commitment to Self-Monitoring and Prevention 


I attest that: 

  1. I will not enter the premises of Dance Fremont or participate in activities organized by Dance Fremont (e.g., class, performance) if I am: 

  1. Experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (such as cough, shortness of breath, fever, loss of taste or smell) in the last 48 hours; 

  1. Am a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19; or 

  1. Am not vaccinated and have had close contact (i.e., within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with a confirmed or suspected case in the last 14 days. 

  1. Other family members will follow the same guidance as #1. 

  1. Will notify Dance Fremont within 2 hours in the event that the dancer, or any other member of their household, tests positive for COVID-19 


  1. I/the dance participant (regardless of vaccination status) agrees to follow local guidance on physical distancing for indoor sport activity which, as of May 2021, recommends 6 feet distance. 

  1. I/the dance participant (regardless of vaccination status) agrees to practice good hygiene including washing hands frequently and covering coughs and sneezes. 

  1. I/the dance participant agrees to wear a mask at all times on the premises of Dance Fremont or while participating in activities organized by Dance Fremont (e.g., class, performance) if the dancer has not provided a state-approved method for proof of full vaccination including any of the following:* 

  1. CDC COVID-19 Vaccination record card 

  1. WA State Certification of COVID-19 Vaccination (such as MyIR printout) 

  1. WA State Immunization Information System printout 

  1. Lifetime immunization record booklet 

  1. Verified electronic medical record printout from a medical provider 

  1. I/the dance participant agrees to follow Seattle King County COVID-19 Guidance and Restrictions regarding how to safely participate in activities (e.g., social gatherings) 

  1. I/the dance participant will follow state guidance regarding travel (domestic and international) which as of May 2021 includes: 

  1. For vaccinated individuals – wearing masks in certain settings and self-monitoring for symptoms. 

  1. For unvaccinated individuals – wearing masks in certain settings, self-monitoring for symptoms, and quarantining and/or testing after certain types of travel. (Note: International travel requirements vary by location. Please visit CDC and US embassy to gather information requirements.) 

*Note: This policy is consistent with Public Health Seattle King County’s Indoor Mask Directive that allows businesses that meet certain conditions to allow guests over 5 years of age with proof of vaccination to not wear masks. More information also available in the Local Health Officer Indoor Mask Directive statement

(Dancer Signature)

Additional information on our reopening plan is listed below. 


What can you expect from Dance Fremont? 

We will follow state guidance for our related business which means that (as of May 2021) we will: 

  • Limit room occupancy to 50% (note: the majority of our classes do not normally meet this threshold) 

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces between classes (e.g., barres) 

  • Follow Labor & Industries policies regarding Workplace COVID-19 Prevention including maintaining different policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated staff. Our approach will be to request that our staff provide a state-approved method for proof of full vaccination in order to not wear a mask. We also respect that our staff may choose not to provide this information or may seek a vaccine exemption; in such cases we will follow appropriate guidance as recommended by the federal and state government (namely, to wear a mask at all times and respect social distancing). Additionally, vaccinated employees are free to continue to wear a mask. 

  • Have all staff, regardless of vaccination status, to continue to maintain social distancing (6 feet) from adolescents and children, in line with the Workplace COVID-19 Prevention guidance. 

We will also request that dancers ages 12 and up provide a state-approved method for proof of full vaccination in order to forego wearing a mask while on Dance Fremont premises. If a participant does not have such proof, then the dancer will be required to wear a mask at all times and respect social distancing protocols. Vaccinated dancers may always choose to wear a mask if they would prefer. 

In addition, we will maintain the following rules for our facilities/staff: 

  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask upon entering Dance Fremont. People who have verified their vaccination status and wish to remove their mask will receive a wristband indicating their status. After receiving this, they can remove their mask.  

  • Anyone not wearing a wristband will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 

  • We will require staff to self-monitor for symptoms, and ask that they not enter the studio if they exhibit symptoms, have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or are unvaccinated and have had close contact with a positive case in the previous 14 days.  

  • We will require staff to provide notice to Dance Fremont within 2 hours in the event that a staff has tested positive for COVID-19. 

  • We will require staff to follow Seattle King County COVID-19 Guidance and Restrictions  regarding how to safely participate in activities (e.g., social gatherings). 

We will take additional precautions to minimize any possible COVID-19 transmission among staff and participants through the promotion of: 

  • Good hygiene such as washing hands frequently and making hand sanitizer available. 

  • Covering of coughs and sneezes. 

  • Social distancing—including changing areas—by using tape to designate changing spaces and limiting occupancy. 

  • Adequate ventilation by keeping windows open. 


What do we need from dancers and their families? 

The safety of our community is our first priority. To safely restart in-person classes, we will need the entire Dance Fremont community’s help and commitment to protect one another. We need dancers and their families to take precautions to self-monitor and prevent transmission. Rather than asking dancers to verify their health status prior to each session, we are asking each dancer, or their parent/legal guardian, to sign a commitment contract stating that the dancer, as well as parents/legal guardians, will abide by these policies while participating in our program. To protect our organization, we also need each family/legal guardian to sign a release of liability and assumption of risk associated with COVID-19. This document is part of your class registration. 

In order for a dancer to participate in-person without a mask, we need them to present a state-approved method for proof of full vaccination that we can keep on record. We also request that non-participants (e.g., family members) limit their use of the premises, remaining outside when dropping off and picking up their child for instance, as appropriate to their child’s age and comfort level. When possible, dancers should arrive in their dance clothes to minimize use of the dressing rooms. If a dancer will be taking class remotely, we need to know at least 24 hours in advance so that we can plan accordingly. 

We realize this message contains a lot of information, yet we hope it gives everybody in the Dance Fremont community assurance that we are focused on both respecting and protecting our community while also trying to keep up with guidance changes. If you have feedback or questions, please send them to

Thank you again for being a part of Dance Fremont. We look forward to seeing you in class! 

Faith Coben
Dance Fremont Community & Administration Manager
Twitter: @DanceFremontSea
Copyright © 2021 Dance Fremont, All rights reserved.

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