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August 2014 // 2nd Edition

It's that time of year. Preseason warm-ups are taking place, grills are being fired up, the gridiron is getting ready for the very best and the fans will be delighted. Football and the fans are not that unlike manufacturing and the customers. As launch surges are taking place customers anxiously await new advances, innovative solutions and technology that takes product experiences to a whole new level. No matter your industry, it's a great time of year. We hope you enjoy our second newsletter and to all of our clients and friends...we wish you the very best as you head into this season. Game On!


Optimize Your Supply Chain Management by Using a Third Party Quality Control Company

Third party companies can allow your organization to focus energies on your core competencies and speed up the process of getting your product to market faster.  Whether you are preparing for a product launch or dealing with a product recall, every minute counts.   If you have more people, adherence to your workflow processes, and real- time data that gets you to market quicker, would the investment be worth it?
As a third party quality control company, we all too often witness delays in the process and a increased because many companies try manage the workload internally.  Those companies are  forced to pull key individuals from existing projects - usually higher value projects - and still were unable to dedicate the necessary resources for completing the project in a cost effective manner.
Read our list on the blog for some ideas to consider when weighing the options of managing a quality project internally or using a third party company.
Check out our ideas on the blog


ISO 9001:2015 - Revisions in Standards Are Coming

The next revision to ISO 9001, the international standard specifying requirements for quality management systems, is in development and currently planned for publication by the end of 2015. Organizations that seek to maintain certification to ISO 9001 can start preparing now for the transition. 
As the 2015 revision approaches publication, continue to visit for more information and resources on making the transition to ISO 9001:2015.
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Can Social Media Really be a Resource for Improved Product Manufacturing?

Most people view social media as an add on, or a type of marketing platform.  However, in today’s social environment, manufacturers can garner valuable feedback and insights from consumers that ultimately drives improved product development, product quality and overall customer satisfaction.
Reaching the direct customer becomes advantageous to the OEM and suppliers on social media platforms.  They can begin to develop products, improve existing products simply by engaging in a two-way conversation with customers, OEM’s and suppliers can transform customer service deficits, product enhancements and compliance management simply by being active on social media. 
This article helps you to see how to integrate social media into your manufacturing enterprise to increase process efficiency and overall performance.  

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100% of respondents said their favorite type of racing was IndyCar.

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About Stratosphere Quality

Stratosphere Quality provides quality assurance and quality control solutions to clients in the manufacturing industry. From product design to product maintenance, we provide cost containing solutions that allow our clients to adhere to stringent compliance regulations without utilizing key internal assets dedicated to higher value activities in the product lifecycle process.

By utilizing inspection, containment and proactive QA technical services, our programs help to provide true cost recognition of quality and have helped over 1,000 customers remain lean, reduce costs, and balance FTE utilization.

Stratosphere Quality also provides experienced personnel and consistent processes to help address quality concerns, provide surge support around volume spikes, new product launch and process/product validation needs.

Stratosphere Quality is an ISO 13485:2003 certified outsourcing provider for QMS support for various manufacturers throughout the United States and Southwestern Ontario. We provide QA/QC support services with clear 3rd party objective evidence of adherence to specifications and procedures.

Learn more about Stratosphere Quality by visiting or call 1-877-224-8584

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