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DECEMBER 01, 2020


First Tuesday of the last month of the year, let’s do this. Below, expect one of the most diverse sets of links we’ve shared to-date, new work for an industry-changing healthcare start-up, and 73 Chicago-based businesses to support this year.


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Ana Galvañ
Struggling to pandemic-proof your habits? It should come to no surprise that you aren’t alone. Journalist Kate Murphy explains why the last handful of months have been particulary cruel on your routines.
A Tale Of Two Ecosystems: On Bandcamp, Spotify And The Wide-Open Future begs the question: “does our 21st-century business world really have to be so much like Spotify, and so little like Bandcamp?”
A dumpster fire on demand for a dumpster fire of a year. “Can email be a conduit for catharsis? If you could type out an email, press send, and see it being consumed in an actual dumpster fire, would it help reclaim a little bit of what we’ve lost?” Enjoy, friends.
Experience the open road with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.
Want some science fiction to read? Imagine the future of work with “The Long Tail” by Aliette de Bodard.

Featured Project: Valo Health

Imagine a world where every disease has a cure. Where miracles aren’t beyond our reach, but things to be engineered. This is intelligent health.

Valo Health is a new type of health-focused technology company uniting human and machine intelligence to accelerate the creation of life-changing cures. We worked in lockstep with the Valo Health team and Outcast to develop the brand; leading positioning strategy, naming, identity development, and activation to launch this audacious startup to the world 12 months after its inception.

73 Small Businesses and Organizations to Support this Holiday Season

Still working through your holiday list? We’ve gathered a studio-and-community curated collection of 73 small Chicago-area businesses and organizations to back if you’re on the hunt for meaningful, thoughtful gifts.
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