SEPT 18 2019


Crosspark 2019 is Friday, catch us in Montréal, and if you can’t, strike for the climate


Behind The Scenes: Crosspark Challenge 2019

That big field day with some of our pals is coming up fast. See some of the t-shirt designs that didn’t make the cut (and pump up the jams while you’re at it).

News: Brian Hanson Speaking at DotAll Conference

We’re excited to announce that Senior Front End Developer Brian Hanson is speaking at Craft CMS’s DotAll Conference in Montréal this Thursday about Headless Commerce with Craft CMS and Gatsby. He’s bringing us all back a ton of poutine, no worries.

Credit: Patagonia

Strike for the climate with Chicago’s youth this Friday

“The kids lying ‘dead’ in front of the UN read this news, too, and have taken it to heart,” Madalina Preda writes. “Why hasn’t everyone?...‘When someone dies young, you think they went too early,’ says 15-year-old Shifra Morris-​Evans, when we spoke later, in May. ‘That’s how we feel about our planet.’”

Credit: George Wylesol—Internet Crusader

The internet. It’s a scary thing!

A post-apocalyptic world that is partially eliminated as a result of a software virus? I'd believe it. George Wylesol’s new book Internet Crusader remakes sketches of screens from the late 90s and reimagines what they’d look like if they were the frames of our demise. Read on.

Credit: Barneys Fashion Week window designs by Richard Turley and Thom Bettridge

Bankrupcy? No problem

Ah, design. The sure-fire way to turn any hiccup (even as big as a $500 million dollar debt) into something “interesting” and “relatable.”

Credit: Tom MacWright

A digital Enigma Machine

“The Enigma Machine was one of the center points of World War II, and its cryptanalysis was one of the stepping stones from breaking codes as an art to cryptography as a science. The machine encrypted messages sent between parts of the German army—operators would type a key on its keyboard, the machine would scramble that, and a letter would light up on the top.” Neat!

Credit: Eva O’Leary (Special thanks to Royal Palms Shuffleboard)

Do you know who you’d be without Instagram? Tavi doesn’t

“The fact that it’s impossible to parse its exact influence on me indicates that it runs deep,” Oak Park native and former child-blog-prodigy Tavi Gevinson says. “I can try to imagine an alternate universe where I’ve always roamed free and Instagram-less in pastures untouched by the algorithm. But I can’t imagine who that person is inside. I can’t tell you exactly what Instagram has done to me, but I can tell you how it has felt to grow up with it.”