APRIL 29 2020


New work for Generate Biomedicines and Kleinschmidt, an open call for art, and an at-home haircut guide


Featured Project: Generate Biomedicines

In collaboration with Flagship Pioneering, a Cambridge-based firm with an impressive track record of bringing life science innovation to the world, One Design developed a brand communications strategy to launch Generate Biomedicines—a new kind of therapeutics company, existing at the intersection of biology, machine learning, and biological engineering. Give the full case study a read.

Featured Project: Kleinschmidt

Kleinschmidt was losing ground to tech-giants on the west coast in the battle for new customers and the next generation of talent. Together, we unleashed a bold new design and communication strategy to the world. The program—a celebration of their heritage with eyes set firmly on the future—differentiates the company, de-commoditizes their offering, and connects more deeply with customers, team members, and new recruits alike. So go on. Take a look at the whole system.

Credit: Kino Lorber

Flood your brain with stunning orbs of color, courtesy of Hilma af Klint

“An effort to rewrite art historical timelines predominately shaped around men, a new documentary spotlights inventive Swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862–1944). Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint considers her colorful, abstract artworks that predate those of widely recognized male artists, like Vasily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, and Josef Albers.” En-freakin-joy.

Credit: Igor Bastidas

Accepting Zoom, flaws and all

Your cat walking on the keyboard as you’re trying to update your team. Your partner, accidentally walking past your doorway in a robe. You, for the umpteenth time, forgetting to mute yourself as you yell something across the room. All of these things—embarrassing. But, human? And that’s comforting? An argument to be nicer to yourself, and vulnerable even if the camera’s on.

Credit: Amplifier

Submissions for the cause

Amplifier is “looking for two kinds of work: The first are public health and safety messages that can help flatten the curve through education. The second are symbols that help promote mental health, well-being, and social change work during these stressful times.” Go on, get makin’.

Credit: Mohamed Tayeb Bayri

Distract yourself every once and awhile

You know that episode of The Office where they all are in the conference room, watching the DVD logo bounce around the screen, waiting for it to line up perfectly to a corner? Now you can do that...on your computer...alone.

Credit: Typewolf

Thank you, sweet Typewolf

Fonts used in popular things. Not much more to say about this one other than, very cool.

Credit: Elisha Cooper

Irreverent illustrations of all the runners

Honesty hour: I tried to run a measly mile after literal weeks of only going on short walks, and I had to laugh at myself. After seeing these sketches of NYC runners, I somehow felt better. Here’s to attempted running during a pandemic.

Credit: Kelly Riordan / Getty Images

If, in a moment of weakness, you need this

Alright, last thing. Please try to hold off. You’ve got this. Let your hair run free. And if you can’t hang in there...well. At least use this Wired guide on how to give yourself a little trim. For the love of everyone’s hairstylists, don’t cut your hair without discretion.