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FEBRUARY 02, 2021


We’ve been busy contemplating a lot of various things between now and our last mailer. Some more trying than others. Get inside our heads with this week’s link list and featured post—it might be a little messy, but that’s just part of the process.


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Caro Zhang
Caro Zhang knows the power of an early morning brainstorming sesh—and when to let those ideas run free. That’s why she shared them on the vast worldwide web, for folks like you and me to make the dang things. Happy exploring (and making).
Fake Famous (out today on HBO) documents how easy it is to manufacture celebrity online. Journalist Nick Bilton follows the question, “why does it seem like everyone wants fame on Instagram, and what does it take to get it?”
And don’t worry—if that last recommendation got you down—here’s a guide to using Instagram for your career in a healthy way.
If you’re looking for something to bunker down with this weekend, Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself is is a new kind of lyric poem—one that tells the story of a man fighting to see through the illusion of his own identity, only to discover that identity itself is an illusion.
Ending on “something fun” is my new M.O. ...So: Janie Korn, a candle-maker whose work is rooted in humor, celebrities, and the early 2000s, talks us through her witty designs, which even includes baby Renesmee—Bella and Edward’s CGI child from Twilight.

Meet One of the 2020 PRINT Awards Agency of the Year Winners: One Design Company

Credit: Stephanie Bassos
One Design started sixteen years ago as a website, software design, and development studio. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a studio that tackles those digital experiences but does even more holistic brand strategy, too. Our team eschews the buttoned-up, perfectly polished approach to work and instead, like to dive right in and get our hands messy.

“We are all incredibly fortunate to be in an industry where we make stuff,” David Sieren, partner and director of design and strategy told Theresa Christine of PRINT Magazine in a follow-up chat post-PRINT’s International Design Awards announcement.

“That’s everything from making identities to banner ads. We’re essentially drawing every day, and that’s amazing.”

Curious to learn more about our studio and our award-winning work? Today’s your lucky day.
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